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Announcing a Warm Welcome Home

  Shopping = Pineapples?  I was a little hesitant to offer this Smart Shopper Tip. But over time I have come to respect the pineapple as a real shopper’s treasure. Yep – I mean the pineapple you can buy in … Continue reading

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The Amazing Forgotten Gift

A Smart Shopper’s Secret Tip from “Anonymous.” Thank you “Anonymous” from the Shopping Gurus at Virginia Born and Bred.  We love your smart shopper tip! It’s surprising how many ideal places there are in a home to hang something that … Continue reading

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Placemats for Dining Decor

A Virginia Born and Bred Shopping Guru Shares Her Secret Tip! I think placemats started with a cave woman I will call Cave Mother! I’m guessing that before tablecloths she used a giant leaf  to lay out the family’s meals.  … Continue reading

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The Perfect Accessory for Home Decor

JOIN THE FUN!  JOIN THE SMART SHOPPERS!  Have you discovered a great shopper tip?  Something that works and that you would share with your best friend? We don’t mean a specifically named “place” to shop, but we do mean a … Continue reading

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The Vintage Santa Brigade

Holiday Greetings from the Virginia Shopper! After hitting the mega malls on a recent pre-black-Friday-black-Monday excursion, I am now convinced that smaller is better. The mega shops are just that – Mega – meaning too full of tired, worn, same … Continue reading

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WHO DOESN’T LOVE A SALE? The VIRGINIA SHOPPER is not only the astute, street-savvy, high class, upscale shopper you have always known and loved, but The SHOPPER is extremely proud when finding a true bargain.  Nothing but the best will … Continue reading

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Shopping for Artistic Gifts and Home Decor

THE VIRGINIA SHOPPER’S “ABOUT THE ARTIST” SERIES Always trying to avoid the mundane when on a search for the perfect gift or the perfect accessory for my own home décor, The VIRGINIA SHOPPER is vigilant in the search for outstanding … Continue reading

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The All-American Folk Art Nutcracker

NUTCRACKERS ARE NOT JUST FOR NUTS! The VIRGINIA SHOPPER has concluded that people first cracked nuts with stones.  Have you ever tried to crack a walnut with your teeth?  Bad idea!  But really – excavators have actually found tooth-pitted nutshells dating … Continue reading

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Almost All About Brass

A METAL FOR ALL SEASONS The Virginia Shopper has been on the prowl again – this time in search of how to buy, use and care for an old favorite – Brass.  It has been around since Cave men (and … Continue reading

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What Good is a Sofa without a Coffee Table?

Furniture By Itself is Just Furniture The VIRGINIA SHOPPER went on the prowl again, scouring specialty shops, furniture stores, and decorator show rooms for ways to complete a home decorating project. You see, I bought a new sofa.  It’s a … Continue reading

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