The Spice of Life Just Got Spicier

Bday D and Julie stuff 027If you’re tired of the same-old-same-old repetitive tastes at your dinner table, there’s a brand new solution called Dizzy Pig Seasonings!

And these are no ordinary spices.

Created by the Dizzy Pig Barbecue Company in Manassas, Virginia, these are fabulously unique concoctions.  The VA Shopper used a few and almost caused a stampede for seconds at a dinner party.  Her guests now think she is a gourmet cook.

Yes, THE VIRGINIA SHOPPER is back from prowling  around the Commonwealth for all things new and tempting.  Talk about an amazing array of offerings that will definitely add zip to the mundane.

Now’s the time to spice up the holidays with something fresh and new and all it will take is a few sprinkles of magic!

I love the name of this one – The Tsunami Spin – a blend of seasonings that draw from Far East influences.  Sesame seeds, ginger, galangal, and fenugreek that come together best for poultry, seafood, duck – or by golly, try it on popcorn!

 The Cow Lick Steak Rub is a natural on hamburgers, steak and brisket or wherever you crave a peppery kick.  It’s a combo of fresh ground pepper balanced with kosher salt chilies, herbs and spices.   Oh boy!

Then there’s the Jamaican Firewalk,  a Dizzy Pig invention that balances  unique but potent flavors of Jamaican allspice with ginger, citrus, scallions, and plenty of heat.   Best on shrimp, chicken, pork and fish.  A friend of The Shopper’s tried this on shrimp and moaned, “That’s the best shrimp I have ever tasted!”

And that’s not all!

Try Dizzy Dust or

The Raging River Rub,

Swamp Venom,

The Red Eye Express,

Shakin’ the Tree, or

Pineapple Head

And can you believe there are more to choose from?  There are over 15 varieties to tempt any yearning palate.   And we all know freshness counts, along with whole spices, and unprocessed raw sugar.  Expect the best here for sure.  The Dizzy Pig people hate additives like MSG or anything with a name you can’t pronounce.  And their spices are also low in salt (generally less than 20%, or you can actually order Salt-Free versions.  They are all natural, gluten free and have won hundreds  of pro competition awards.  Imagine?

Dizzy Pig seasonings are available at Virginia Born and Bred.  They are not currently listed in the Online Catalog but  are available in-store at 16 W. Washington Street, Lexington, VA 24450 (Look for Sam the bear out front)  or call to order at  800-437-2452 or 540 463-1832.



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