Engagement Gifts: To Give or Not to Give

“Grow old along with me.  The best is yet to be.”  ~ Robert Browning

Wedding plaque

O.K., so you have been invited to an engagement party!  To give or not to give is the question.  And if you decide to give, what should the gift be?

We are accustomed to bridal showers (yes, bring a gift) and of course the wedding itself requires a more formal gift.   Around weddings there are also bachelor and bachelorette parties and rehearsal dinners and lots of opportunities for gift giving.

But what about engagements?  Do you give a gift or not?  What is the proper etiquette around engagements?

A good rule of thumb is never to show up at a party empty-handed. But what to bring?

Think of an engagement announcement as a  joyful shout out.

“We are taken!  We are committed!  Share in our joy!”

It’s the first step toward wedded bliss and it also shouts, “Let’s have some fun!”

That’s why engagement parties are usually casual events like picnics or barbecues.  No formal gifts of course but fun things that won’t break the bank. You can even get creative with gifts designed for two.   Here are some ideas:

Biscuits and Jam Delight


  • A picnic tote complete with a bottle of wine and other goodies.
  • A gourmet food basket for those quiet moments.turtlemusician1
  • A special dessert – Sweets for the Sweethearts.
  • A plant that will continue to grow long after the wedding.
  • A set of candles for a softly lit romantic evening.
  • Or think “His and Her” engraved pewter mugs  with the date of their engagement (or wedding date). vapewtercup2

Whatever you come up with, be sure to include a great card with a handwritten message (those cards are “keepers” too).

So go! Have fun at the engagement party.  You are bringing along the right gift as long as it adds to the celebration of love.



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2 Responses to Engagement Gifts: To Give or Not to Give

  1. Great ideas. Those little pewter mugs are so nice, especially if engraved. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dorannrule says:

    I love the strumming turtle! Romance with whimsy. 🙂


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