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Engagement Gifts: To Give or Not to Give

“Grow old along with me.  The best is yet to be.”  ~ Robert Browning O.K., so you have been invited to an engagement party!  To give or not to give is the question.  And if you decide to give, what should … Continue reading

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Sensational Gifts that Give and Go

A special gift for a special day Here for now – then gone away. It’s like a magic act I hear. Now you see it.  Now it disappears. What is this gift removable?        It’s simply this – a … Continue reading

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  WELCOME TO VIRGINIA BORN AND BRED’S NEW BLOG – SMART SHOPPERS’ SECRET TIPS! The expert shoppers at Virginia Born and Bred have been getting calls – many many calls – about how things work, the best gifts to give, … Continue reading

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Virginia is for Ham!

Virginia is not just for lovers after all.  Virginia is for Ham!  And Edwards Hams have earned a reputation for being the best of the best. REMEMBERING A LEGEND The VIRGINIA SHOPPER just learned that Samuel Wallace Edwards Jr. of … Continue reading

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The Happy Graduate

“Happy Days are Here Again!” GIFTS FOR GRADUATION Congratulations are in order and The Virginia Shopper has been scouring the state for  most wonderful gifts for the happy graduate. Are you ready? Get set. GO! P.S.  Don’t forget – these … Continue reading

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Birds Love Holiday Gifts Too!

GREETINGS FROM THE VIRGINIA SHOPPER! As you may know, I am charged with wandering the state (mostly online) discovering the nicest things and places to share with other savvy shoppers. That’s the fun of it!  But, what would I REALLY like … Continue reading

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The Vintage Santa Brigade

Holiday Greetings from the Virginia Shopper! After hitting the mega malls on a recent pre-black-Friday-black-Monday excursion, I am now convinced that smaller is better. The mega shops are just that – Mega – meaning too full of tired, worn, same … Continue reading

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Breakfast in Virginia

The VIRGINIA SHOPPER is on the prowl again!  It’s Fall after all, and the nip in the air stirs up a hunger for a hefty breakfast!  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day they say, and I believe … Continue reading

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Summertime Sweet Treats

It’s All About Taste! There is that craving again.  The VIRGINIA SHOPPER LOVES delicious confections!  And summertime flavors are the most tantalizing of all – at least, while it’s summer that is.  Then comes Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day…….   dreams … Continue reading

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A Gardening Accessory for Mom

THE VIRGINIA SHOPPER’S PIK O’ THE MONTH: THE  PHILOSPOT FOR MOTHER’S DAY “If I had a flower for each time I thought of my mother, I could walk in my garden forever.” That’s what this big (6”High x 6 3/8” … Continue reading

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