The Vintage Santa Brigade

Holiday Greetings from the Virginia Shopper!

After hitting the mega malls on a recent pre-black-Friday-black-Monday excursion, I am now convinced that smaller is better.

The mega shops are just that – Mega – meaning too full of tired, worn, same old, same old stuff and nothing with character or pizazz.   I’ve re-found my favorite little store in Lexington, Virginia.  It’s truly local but still offers unique and wonderful items online!  So, if you’re in town shopping, be sure to stop by Virginia Born and Bred.  And if you’re out of town, take a look at their internet catalog!


This time, the SHOPPER stumbled on  something  to bring smiles to every holiday occasion.  This is not only the perfect gift, it’s perfect for any holiday home décor, a great centerpiece at a party, a welcome addition to any mantle, a cheery hello in any guest room.  Did I say, “perfect?”  That’s an understatement!  What is it?

The 2012 Chesapeake Santa – The Shell Seeker

The 2012 Limited Edition Chesapeake Santa is inspired by our love and dedication to the oceans, bays and gulf that many of us have spent untold hours visiting and walking along. He is dressed in rich coral that reflects the color found in many shells and he is accompanied by the Piping Plover which has unfortunately become endangered in many coastal areas. This would be a wonderful addition to any Santa collection. 17″ Tall.

Oh, and I forgot – there is literally a Santa Brigade at Virginia Born and Bred because the Vintage Santa Series is another group of Santas who come in three different colors!  Imagine?  He’s not only perfect in the traditional Red Santa Suit, but if you’re blending holiday accessories into a color-schemed décor, you can get him in Tan or Green.

Anyway, be sure to  check out all the other grand gift ideas at Virginia Born and Bred – either at the little shop in town or via their online catalog.  It’s a treasure trove of ideas!


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2 Responses to The Vintage Santa Brigade

  1. Smaller is always better malls are good for somethings but unique gifts are great from boutiques


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