Virginia is for Ham!

petiteham2Virginia is not just for lovers after all.  Virginia is for Ham!  And Edwards Hams have earned a reputation for being the best of the best.


The VIRGINIA SHOPPER just learned that Samuel Wallace Edwards Jr. of Edwards Hams (Surry, Virginia) died last week at the age of 82.  As the “cure master” at Edwards Hams for more than 50 years, he was truly a legend in the industry who fostered a wide appreciation for Southern country hams as true epicurean delights.  The SHOPPER and all those at Virginia Born and Bred send condolences to the Edwards family for their enormous loss.


“For more than 87 years and three generations, our family has been hand crafting the finest Dry Cured, Hickory Smoked, Country Hams, Bacon and Sausage using recipes and methods dating back to the original Jamestown Settlement. Located in historic Surry, VA, just off the banks of the James River, S. Wallace Edwards & Sons continues this tradition and honors a time when quality came first, and shortcuts weren’t an option.”

While many others were using faster, cheaper ways to cure hams, Edwards Jr. stuck to the old-fashioned tried and true methods and the original recipes.  He was determined to save the remarkable flavors wrought from traditional curing methods and would not compromise quality to “make a buck.”  The results:  Edwards Hams are renowned for an unsurpassed taste and quality.  Some even say their ham resembles fine Italian prosciutto!


Speaking of Italian gourmet foods, The VIRGINIA SHOPPER just discovered Surryano Ham made in Surry, Virginia by you guessed it – Edwards Hams!

Surryano Ham

Surryano Ham

This gourmet specialty has even been written up in the Huffington Post who said, “Surryano is definitely the best American ham.  Surryano ham will try to fool you.  It sounds like Serrano ham, looks like prosciutto…but has a taste that is distinctly American.  This Virginia- made, dry-cured and hickory smoked ham has become one of our favorite things on earth, and is produced by the Edwards family (also responsible for excellent sausages and more) in Surry, Virginia.”

The VIRGINIA SHOPPER loves Edwards hams – Country Hams,  Surryanos, Petite Spirals, Smoked Sausages, Bacon Steaks, and all the different varieties offered by this beloved Edwards Hams company.  Virginia Born and Bred carries a wide selection.

Edwards Smokehouse Sampler

Edwards Smokehouse Sampler

Edwards Smoked Sausage Links

Edwards Smoked Sausage Links

Are you thinking about holiday parties, ham biscuits, sausage and pancakes for breakfast, the smell of bacon on a chilly morn?  And are you thinking about gifts to make your special people smile?

Mini Spiral Sliced Ham

Mini Spiral Sliced Ham

Think Edwards Hams!


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3 Responses to Virginia is for Ham!

  1. Dianna says:

    Just clicked on your link to the comment left on “Dor’s” post about losing her sweet dog, Rozie.

    I had the honor of working for the Edwards family for several years (and also know them just from living in and around the small community of Surry.)
    Wallace Edwards was a wonderful man – quick to praise and gentle with criticism. Although he was semi-retired when I worked there, he was in the office almost daily. A true southern gentleman.
    (Oh, and Edwards ham is THE best!)


    • Thank you so much for telling me about Sam’s father. That is exactly how I pictured him, although I don’t think I ever had the privilege of meeting him. You are right – Edward’s ham is the best. Have a great day! Julie


  2. dorannrule says:

    Hello Dianna! Thanks so much for your comment on the Edwards hams story. Virginia Born and Bred is the little store in Lexington that I write for and they love and Edwards products. When you come for a visit here we will have to take in my favorite little shop in town. I don’t know how the link got into my post about Rozie but if it leads you here, that’s a good thing. “Dor” 🙂


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