The Photographic Panorama

There are rare occasions when the VIRGINIA SHOPPER gets stumped.   On the prowl for a stellar birthday gift for Uncle John, the SHOPPER stumbled around empty handed and wondered where to turn next.

Fortunately, the slump did not last long.  Virginia is a fabulous place to find grand and unusual gifts that keep on giving.  And Uncle John is now one happy relative.

Have you ever heard of or seen a Sepia Toned Panoramic Photograph?

It’s a long (like 40 inches long) 360 degree horizontal landscape view that is not only art in photography, but fine art in itself!

Sepia Panoramic View Virginia Military Institute Campus

Sepia Panoramic View
Virginia Military Institute Campus

James O. Phelps is the Lexington, Virginia photographic artist who has perfected the creation of the most astounding landscape panoramas imaginable.  Elegance does not even begin to describe these perfectly framed archival prints that are numbered and signed by James O. Phelps himself.

And the selections at Virginia Born and Bred are many.  Think Civil War Battlefields like Gettysburg and Antietam; or Historic United States places like Mount Vernon, Williamsburg or the Lincoln Memorial.  Or how about Colleges and Universities like the Virginia Military Institute or the University of Virginia. There is a comprehensive list of options in the Virginia Born and Bred online catalog.

Gettysburg: The Angle

Gettysburg: The Angle

Each remarkable print is mounted and matted using an archival foam core and four-ply museum board.   And each is framed in a gorgeous brushed bronze finish.

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon

But there is more…….


Virginia Born and Bred has been featuring Phelps’ masterpieces for several years now and is proud to introduce a “new line” of historic Lexington, Virginia panoramas.

Watch for these beauties and/or call the store for more information.

The new Phelps’ versions are not yet listed in the online catalog, but are available for purchase by telephone – 540 463-1832 or in person at the store itself in Lexington, Virginia.  The new look of the new line is not only fascinating, but the presentation is absolutely stunning, right down to the warmth and glow of the wood used in the framing.

Hurrah!  Uncle John is happy with his gift!   In fact, he is so happy, he purchased another,  and now has two Phelps’ panoramas hanging in his home office.


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