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Birds Love Holiday Gifts Too!

GREETINGS FROM THE VIRGINIA SHOPPER! As you may know, I am charged with wandering the state (mostly online) discovering the nicest things and places to share with other savvy shoppers. That’s the fun of it!  But, what would I REALLY like … Continue reading

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The Vintage Santa Brigade

Holiday Greetings from the Virginia Shopper! After hitting the mega malls on a recent pre-black-Friday-black-Monday excursion, I am now convinced that smaller is better. The mega shops are just that – Mega – meaning too full of tired, worn, same … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Virginia Views:
Shopping Online Yesterday I went Christmas shopping.  I had to leave my lovely little town where everybody knows my name to venture out into a mega mall universe.  It was a terrifying, disheartening experience.  I…

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