A New Trend Toward Old Toys


salejokerboard2In spite of the devotion to mass produced playthings, there is now a surprising call for the return of classic toys for kids and grownups.  It’s a new trend toward the old days following a yearning for simpler times.

If you are shopping for a favorite child or even an adult, there are wonderful wooden toys and games still being “built to last,” and made for ongoing family fun or quiet contemplation.  And believe it or not, a wooden toy can make the perfect, most cherished gift of all.

Wooden toys and games:

  • Last the longest and take the most wear and tear.
  • They contain no toxic PVC.
  • They stimulate the imagination.
  • Enhance motor skills.
  • Encourage social and emotional development.
  • Develop problem solving skills.
  • Aid in color and form recognition.
  • Grow in value and become heirlooms.

Wooden checkers and chess sets, cars and trucks, pull along toys, and simple playthings like wooden fire stations, farmhouses, doll houses and furniture, all make beloved gifts.   And have you seen the three dimensional wooden puzzle that contains little surprises inside a beautifully carved animal?yellowdogpuzzle2

Computer games and plastic gadgets have their place in today’s fast paced society, but if you are looking for a gift that lasts and creates fun and memories, think about joining the wooden toy revival!

Submitted by Barbara N., Annandale, Virginia

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