The Virginia Shopper tried leaving town but scurried back to shop once again at Virginia Born and Bred, where the living is easy and the shopping is too.

Virginia Views

Yesterday I went Christmas shopping.  I had to leave my lovely little town where everybody knows my name to venture out into a mega mall universe.  It was a terrifying, disheartening experience.  I just don’t fit in the outside world anymore.  Maybe I am too old fashioned, too uptight, too something to cope with the strange behaviors of both shoppers and shops nowadays.

On the Way to the Mega Mall

En route was  my favorite country store.  I needed 10 pounds of raw blanched peanuts.  What has this to do with Christmas shopping?  I make homemade peanut brittle “to die for,” and I suppose  that’s literal since it is full of sugar.  But peanuts have protein right?  So maybe the brittle is to live for.  It tastes so darned good, and we all need more protein.  But as they say, “I digress.”

My favorite country store  was mobbed with coughing…

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