The expert shoppers at Virginia Born and Bred have been getting calls – many many calls – about how things work, the best gifts to give, what goes with what, how-to questions, where to find it, etc. etc. etc.  Julie Lindsey, the head honcho shopper at our “little store that could”, has agreed this blog should now concentrate on providing valuable information to shoppers – something above and beyond the expected.

What?  Are we getting away from direct sales?  Have we been taken over by aliens?

Actually Virginia Born and Bred has its feet firmly planted on the ground but has a plan in the air.  All the indications are that what shoppers out there really want are useful ideas and tips for wise and productive shopping – online or off.

Stick with us – come along for the ride – join the folks (the guru shoppers) at Virginia Born and Bred for tips you can really use when first you decide to go shopping.  And if you would love to submit your own tips, please do!  Just include them in your comments and we will make every effort to include them in this blog!  That’s right – we would love your input and will use first names only. We may even add photos for extra oomph!

But here comes Tip#1 for the kick off!

A Tip for Wedding Planners

I attended a wedding recently.  As are most weddings, the whole thing was beautiful.  The bride and groom were into conservation and sharing their love for nature.  What I was most impressed with was one single gift at each place setting at the dinner tables.  These little gifts were not for the bride and groom but for the attendees – the family and friends who came to wish the couple well.  You would call the gift at each place setting a “wedding favor” I guess.

Each of us received a tiny little tree sapling wrapped to carry home with instructions on how and where to plant!  And there was a sentiment attached to each that said, “When you plant this tiny tree, we hope you will see it grow and flourish, just as you watch Chris and Bonnie begin their lives together and look to the future.”

From  Tree Seedlings as Wedding Gifts

From Tree Seedlings as Wedding Gifts

I thought this  was priceless for a wedding “guest gift” or for any other occasion that calls for sweet memories.  A good florist or nursery should be able to help with the details.  My little tree sapling is planted now and each time I look at its progress I think of Chris and Bonnie, their wedding, and all our wishes for their continuing growth and happiness.

Dorothy R. – Virginia

O.K.  So we said no direct advertising, but may we remind you that the useful ideas from SMART SHOPPERS are courtesy of Virginia Born and Bred?

DISCLAIMER: Virginia Born and Bred’s, Smart Shoppers’ Secret Tips, (The Blog) at,is offered as a community service. Submissions, comments or stories may or may not be published on The Blog at their discretion. Virginia Born and Bred may include links providing direct access to other Internet resources, including Web sites, but is not responsible for the accuracy of information contained in these sites.  Any reference to a product, service, or company,  including information, suggestions or recommendations offered by a guest contributor does not constitute an endorsement by Virginia Born and Bred.  While The Blog is updated frequently, Virginia Born and Bred cannot guarantee the information provided there is correct, complete, or up-to-date.

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  2. What an excellent, inspired idea!!!


  3. My little sister recently had her 50th birthday and I was struggling to think of a good gift to mark this landmark birthday. The answer was right at my fingertips. I was writing a blog post on one of my talented friends and her unique jewelry creations. One of her necklaces, crafted from an old wristwatch, was the perfect gift. Barbara


    • Thanks so much Barbara, for your Shopper Secret re finding unique jewelry creations.:) The pieces we see on your blog that were created by a friend from old and antique jewelry bits are simply fascinating. They are redesigned creations and surely make unique gifts. However, you were right in guessing the main purpose of this new blog idea of sharing Shopper Secrets is to avoid direct marketing or sales promotions. Thanks again and don’t give up. Please come back soon!


  4. Thank you Silver in the Barn! More secret tips are coming in, so stay tuned and follow this blog. And please jump in with your own secrets! 🙂


  5. I’d love to know a great idea for each of 2 daughters at Mother’s Day time…


    • Hi Ronnie! We would love to help with your sweet request, but since the Shoppers’ Secret Tips blog has only just launched, there is not enough time. Plans are to post once a week, so keep watching for great ideas!


  6. Shopping tips and Dor, what could be better!!! So excited for your new blog. 🙂


  7. The gifts at my #2’s wedding were real bees wax candles from a beekeeper friend and a little pine tree to plant. 🙂


  8. pattisj says:

    I’m late to the party–did someone say “Shopping?” I don’t know how you manage to do all you do, Dor.


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