Shopping for Artistic Gifts and Home Decor


Always trying to avoid the mundane when on a search for the perfect gift or the perfect accessory for my own home décor, The VIRGINIA SHOPPER is vigilant in the search for outstanding artwork.   Virginia Born and Bred in Lexington, Virginia, is virtually a treasure trove of quality pieces and I can always count on them to feature a variety of artists and their works.  Who knew?!!

This is the first in the SHOPPER’S “ABOUT THE ARTIST” SERIES to feature the artist associated with the art!  I hope you will enjoy getting to know a little bit more about how their wonderful works are created and some details about their backgrounds and current involvements in the world of art.  Please come along with me in getting to know some very special people!


Virginia artist, David Knowlton’s artistic style is widely known and recognized by thousands of collectors of his acrylic originals and limited edition lithographic prints.  This Mill Scene that adds a touch of magic to any décor is a beautiful limited edition print of a vintage working mill.  David has once again created an irresistible rendition of a once familiar scene now becoming a rarity in the rural landscape.   Flawlessly incorporating the mellow colors of nature with painstaking attention to detail, he has captured the gentle movement of the water wheel and its tranquil surroundings with such precision that we can almost hear the lapping water and breathe in the country air.


David’s love of art really showed itself at an early age.  His parents and many of their friends were professional artists and helped to nurture his interest.  He eagerly experimented with all the drawing and painting media available and was soon winning contests with his realistic creations.  His artistry has always comes from within and – while he paints specific locations at times – he always adds his own perception.  The viewer somehow feels the scene, and can sense the depth, feeling and emotion that went into creating it.

David Knowlton

An appointment to the U.S. Military Academy interrupted his study of art, but he found ways to vent his creative talents while editing the West Point yearbook.  He became an Army Engineer and was further educated at Stanford University.  When he left the Army in 1973 he began a two-year transition to his full-time art career.

Now, with over 50 years of experience, David Knowlton has truly added a new dimension to the field of realism.  He displays his artful renditions in group and one-man shows nationwide and in galleries throughout the world.  And fortunately, we can find limited edition prints like the Mill Scene at Virginia Born and Bred!

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