The Perfect Accessory for Home Decor

Mirror 1JOIN THE FUN!  JOIN THE SMART SHOPPERS!  Have you discovered a great shopper tip?  Something that works and that you would share with your best friend? We don’t mean a specifically named “place” to shop, but we do mean a valuable recommendation about any kind of shopping.  This is the place to share secrets and your comments are always welcome.

From Jan J. – Phoenix, Arizona

What is the one home accessory that will immediately add oomph and elegance to any home décor?  As an Interior Designer, I am often asked that question.

And the perfect accessory I recommend is always a mirror.

Well, “Ho-Hum,” we all know a mirror can visually expand a small space and can be nice for a last minute self-check on your way out to a party.

But if you follow only one basic decorating rule, I guarantee you will enjoy infinitely more charm from a mirror and you will always choose the right one for the perfect spot where it will be on perpetual glamour duty for your home.

Think of the mirror you choose as a FRAME that reflects a beautiful view.   

Maybe it will reflect a scene through a window, the light and movement of the leaves of a tree, or perhaps a stunning piece of artwork, the fireplace, a lovely expanse of interior space, a handsome mantle, your candle collection.  Even a mirror on your porch or patio might reflect the serenity of your garden.Reflections of Xmas 2013

After years of searching for the most effective decorating tip for my clients I decided the one perfect thing is a mirror, but not just any old mirror on any old wall.

A mirror that reflects a sad view, a blank wall, a messy kitchen, or the air conditioner out back is no longer an accessory but an eyesore!

A mirror that is planned to frame a beautiful view immediately goes to work inside (and sometimes even out) to add interest to a room that is “missing something,” and to add depth, color and style to almost any home décor.

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