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Cool Gifts for Cooler Weather

From Julie, Head Shopping Guru at Virginia Born and Bred – Lexington Virginia Summer is almost over! What a bummer.  Here in  Virginia, we hardly had enough time to bask or barbecue between overcast days and off and on rain. But … Continue reading

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Sweets for the Sweet – Off Season

Hurrah for shopping in any season!  I love shopping! But, since when did big box stores decide to hurry up the seasons?   Why do I listen when they scream, “Buy Now for Back to School at the same time we … Continue reading

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Birds Love Holiday Gifts Too!

GREETINGS FROM THE VIRGINIA SHOPPER! As you may know, I am charged with wandering the state (mostly online) discovering the nicest things and places to share with other savvy shoppers. That’s the fun of it!  But, what would I REALLY like … Continue reading

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The Vintage Santa Brigade

Holiday Greetings from the Virginia Shopper! After hitting the mega malls on a recent pre-black-Friday-black-Monday excursion, I am now convinced that smaller is better. The mega shops are just that – Mega – meaning too full of tired, worn, same … Continue reading

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Summertime Sweet Treats

It’s All About Taste! There is that craving again.  The VIRGINIA SHOPPER LOVES delicious confections!  And summertime flavors are the most tantalizing of all – at least, while it’s summer that is.  Then comes Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day…….   dreams … Continue reading

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Virginia Shopper’s Summer Piks

IS IT SUMMER ALREADY? O.K. – It’s not summer yet.  I know.  But it sure FEELS like summer and LOOKS like it, SMELLS of warm sunny days, and some of these April  afternoons are downright HOT. Needless to say, all … Continue reading

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Searching for Virginia Art

VIRGINIA BORN AND BRED’S “MEET THE ARTIST SERIES” MARY ANN VESSEY The VIRGINIA SHOPPER really wants to meet Mary Ann Vessey.  An artist who can lift a person’s spirits with the flow of a paintbrush has to be an amazing … Continue reading

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Irrelevant Shopping – Thinking Ahead Holiday Planning for NEXT Year!

The VIRGINIA SHOPPERcalls it “Irrelevant Shopping” because it boils down to shopping when I don’t have to and usually don’t want to.  I am trying a new idea though, – Advance shopping for high value gifts and quality stuff!  Waaaayyy … Continue reading

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Ghosts of Christmas Past

VISIONS OF SUGAR PLUMS AND SCROOGE! The VIRGINIA SHOPPER is unpacking Christmas ornaments.  “Better late than never”, as they say and I’m definitely late this year.  The trouble is, I linger as I unpack each carefully wrapped ornament or decoration, … Continue reading

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Ginger Cottages Hide Holiday Secrets and Surprises

One of the greatest joys of the Christmas holidays is the magic of discovery. And The VIRGINIA SHOPPER  discovered that Virginia Born and Bred is now featuring a line of delightfully new and magical Ginger Cottages, each handmade in the … Continue reading

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