What Good is a Sofa without a Coffee Table?

Furniture By Itself is Just Furniture

The VIRGINIA SHOPPER went on the prowl again, scouring specialty shops, furniture stores, and decorator show rooms for ways to complete a home decorating project. You see, I bought a new sofa.  It’s a beauty but it needs something.  I tried adding pillows but that didn’t do it.  Then I added wallpaper. That didn’t do it either.  It finally occurred to me that there was a missing link – a coffee table.  I can hear you saying, “Elementary my dear Shopper”, but some of us have no innate decorating sense and have to learn the hard way.

Yes, of course I have furniture – a living room sofa, an easy chair, a bed, dresser, china closet and a dining room table. But  Janet, my decorator friend, subtly suggested that I don’t have certain pieces that are actually vital for any cohesive interior plan.   Voila!  What’s needed is more furniture! I suddenly remembered a home I had visited where furniture accessories were not there.  Where was the bedside lamp?  And the absence of a mirror or a side table, and no place to lay my things were all uncomfortable missing links in an otherwise beautiful décor.  Hmmmmm!

Is There Such a Thing as Accessory Furniture?


So, what I call Accessory Furniture could be the missing link – the second-thought additions to my home that are actually  necessities for functionality and beauty.  They are the items that bring it all together.  And I finally learned that furniture accessories are what make my larger pieces more functional, more beautiful and forever beloved.  To accessorize furniture is to complete an interior environment for more enjoyable living.  So, I started with  a tiger maple splay legged side table I just love!  And guess where I got it?  Virginia Born and Bred!

The Light Touch

In addition to the coffee table (now hyper-accessorized with candles and books), the sideboard in my dining room is a perfect place for a grand accessory – a mirror! This one is called the Virginia Tavern Mirror, complete with candles.  Could be a painting too – but a mirror can add light and glamour.  Janet told me to consider what it will reflect, and said, “Don’t just hang a mirror anywhere.  A mirror should reflect something beautiful.  It not only immediately enlarges a room by opening up vistas, but allows candlelight and sunlight, to add interest and character to the space.”  I’m not sure exactly what that means but I will take her word for it.  The mirror now reflects a window view of my garden.

Stepping Up to Character and Charm

Migrating to the kitchen, the new decorator in me is still emerging.  I need a step stool.  How humble can you get?  But in choosing something as mundane as a step stool to help me reach the top shelves, I now know I need to find something special.   When I was a child, my Gram had a worn old step stool with a hole in the middle for carrying.  It was put together with pegs and handcrafted of fine cherry.  It was beautiful then and it would be a grand furniture accessory in my kitchen now.   I’m told there are replicas available today so as you can imagine, the search is on.

Adding the Unusual

Some furniture-furnishings belong in the ranks of the unique, the special, or the one-of-a-kind.

The irresistible Tiger Maple Quilt Rack  is now attached to a wall in my bedroom and displays treasured pieces.  It’s a utilitarian furniture accessory that has literally become art on the wall and I plan to leave it to my grandchildren.  I think I’m getting the hang of this!

Conclusion:  Choosing the right furniture is the first step.  Choosing the right accessories to enhance the value of larger pieces or areas is the crucial element for making home “home”.  And you know what?  My home is lookin’ good!!!

‘Til we meet again…. The VIRGINIA SHOPPER 

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