Announcing a Warm Welcome Home


Shopping = Pineapples?  I was a little hesitant to offer this Smart Shopper Tip.

But over time I have come to respect the pineapple as a real shopper’s treasure.

Yep – I mean the pineapple you can buy in the grocery store that looks something like a big pine cone (probably how it got its name).   It adds stature to a fruit bowl and tastes great “as is” or baked into a cake or used for toppings, sauces and marinades.  And it’s a nutritional powerhouse.

O.K., O.K., so you knew all that.

Pineapple Placemat

Pineapple Placemat

Pineapple Trivet

Pineapple Trivet

But beyond the obvious grocery store delicacy, did you know the pineapple is also a global symbol of sharing and friendship?  Anything with a pineapple represents the best in charm, warmth and hospitality.

How did this happen to a thorny fruit?  There is a little story:

 In Colonial days, when a seafaring captain returned from exotic lands he would bring pineapples back to delight his family and as gifts for his “true friends.”    The captain also placed a pineapple on his doorstep or on a fence post.  It became a signal that friends were welcome in his home.  The pineapple is still a symbol of gracious hospitality to this day.  And this is where the shopping comes in!


Door Mat

Pineapple Charm

Pineapple Charm

You can find the pineapple motive in both indoor and outdoor home décor including such things as paintings, wall hangings, doormats, welcome slates, lamps and candlesticks, placemats and hand towels.

If you receive pineapple jewelry as a gift, the tradition of marking you as a true friend is once again revived.  There are pineapple

Hooked Rug

Hooked Rug

charms and pineapple pendants and matching earrings, pins, and bracelets made into costume jewelry and into the finest artistic pieces in sterling silver and gold.

The pineapple, in all  its forms has also become a hot collector’s item.  Heirloom antiques, jewelry, kitchen and home accessories are still on the treasure-hunt lists, as well as contemporary home accessories and garden décor.  Candles, statuary, ceramics, pottery, cutlery, calendars, cookie jars – you name it, the pineapple adds something special and is as popular today as it was in colonial times.

I found two stately lamps for my living room to add “architectural interest” and then repeated the pattern in the wrought iron base of a glass coffee table. I love the whole effect!

Shopping = Pineapples?  Absolutely!  I hope you do too.

Marilyn J., Springfield, Virginia

JOIN THE FUN!  JOIN THE SMART SHOPPERS!  Have you discovered a great shopper tip?  Something that works and that you would share with your best friend? We don’t mean a specifically named “place” to shop, but we do mean a valuable recommendation about any kind of shopping.  This is the place to share secrets and your comments are always welcome.



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