Sweets for the Sweet – Off Season

cranlemcake2Hurrah for shopping in any season!  I love shopping!

But, since when did big box stores decide to hurry up the seasons?   Why do I listen when they scream, “Buy Now for Back to School at the same time we are all having a picnic for the Fourth of July?

Have you noticed we can no longer shop “in season” for gifts that fit?  Looking for  summer clothes in summer?  Forgeddabout it!  Stores now feature “off season” stuff putting everybody out of step with “in season” favorites.  Off season – In season – Out of season?  Talk about confusion!

I tried to buy beachy gifts for my young nieces last year near the end of July.  There was nothing on the shelves but “Back to School” supplies.  July is still summer isn’t it? Where are the beach towels and sand buckets?

Solution and my Secret Shopper Tip:doublchoc2

I now give gifts that know no seasons –  sweet things!

wholefruitcake2Last year I actually gave a fruitcake in August! And my name has lived on in infamy ever since.

But did you know most fruit cakes have an indefinite life span (no expiration date)?  If nothing else you can shellac last year’s fruit cake and create a charming gift – a door stop!  Actually, a really good fruit cake sounds yummy to me right now and I do know where I can get one.

But “all kidding aside,” you get the idea.  When you are giving delectable goodies all year, you are beating the big box stores at their own game.

Oh you can still buy gifts off season if you can remember what season you are buying for.   And yes, there will be  Season-Directed Sweets like pumpkin shaped candies for Halloween and fruit cake for Christmas.  And who can resist?  Everything has its sweet place in its sweet time.

But off season, on season, in season, or out of season, we can never go wrong with sweets for the sweet people in our lives – any time of year.

This Smart Shopper Secret Tip was submitted by Dorothy R., Glasgow, Virginia.

JOIN THE FUN!  JOIN THE SMART SHOPPERS!  Have you discovered a great shopper tip?  Something that works and that you would share with your best friend? We don’t mean a specifically named “place” to shop, but we do mean a valuable recommendation about any kind of shopping.  This is the place to share secrets and your comments are always welcome.

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