Drama in the Dining Room

White china blue clothJOIN THE FUN!  JOIN THE SMART SHOPPERS!  Have you discovered a great shopper tip?  Something that works and that you would share with your best friend? We don’t mean a specifically named “place” to shop, but we do mean a valuable recommendation about any kind of shopping.  This is the place to share secrets and your comments are always welcome.  ~Virginia Born and Bred

From a Smart Shopper in Springfield, Virginia

White China for a Dramatic Table

I used to have 3 sets of china – one for every-day, one for special occasions, and I even had a different set for ladies’ luncheons. Now I have just one.  It is all white.  Plain old white.

White china  is a lot like the legendary versatile “little black dress.”  It can be dressed up or down and always looks classically special.

Similarly, there is only one classic china – White!  Those plain old white dishes can be dressed up or down,  always makes a statement and they scream “elegance” even in the most mundane setting.

Even white on white is awesome.  Depending on your choice of colors for table linens, white china can set just the right  mood for any season, holiday or special occasion.  It can create  the carnival spirit of a birthday party,  an atmosphere of romantic elegance for a wedding, and take you right through to the casual joy of  patio dining, all at the same table!  The trick is in choosing the under-cloth and finding complementary accessories like napkins, placemats, chargers, candles, or a stunning floral arrangement.

I especially love white china on rich dark colors like black, navy, burgundy, or deep forest green.  Talk about making an elegant statement!

So my tip is this:  For real drama in your dining room, get rid of all that extra china and pare down to basics with the most beautiful color of all – White!      

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6 Responses to Drama in the Dining Room

  1. Love the basic yet beautiful tablescape!


  2. pattisj says:

    My first set of dishes was white ironstone. I liked the simplicity of it, and food looked good on it, too.


  3. cindy knoke says:

    I have white china and I love it!


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