From Rags to Riches

Magic Rag

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From a Smart Shopper in North Carolina

There are rags and there are rags!

But there is one that is pure magic.   In fact, this one  is so cool I have even given it as a gift.  Giving a rag-gift does not sound very elegant, but this one is more like giving a home improvement tool.

I am talking about a fabric square that is sometimes called a Microfiber Cloth, Streak Free Cloth, Super Cloth or a Miracle Cloth.   I didn’t believe it either but this little humble thing is a HUGE help in my house and it even saves dollars.  You can find microfiber cloths  almost everywhere for around $2 each, but maybe you do not believe all the hoopla.  Maybe you are a skeptic like me.

Magic Rag Ready and Waiting

Magic Rag Ready and Waiting

Well this one is is all true and it’s all in the weave.  The cleaning secret is the fiber that attacks dirt, grime and moisture and acts like a magnet without scratching the surface.  They say this mighty little cloth can absorb up to seven times its weight in moisture and can be used on literally any surface!  

And how does it save me dollars?  I clean my glass stove top with it.  I rarely ever use those ceramic cleaners – you know – that expensive white gloppy stuff where you wind up wiping and wiping with a paper towel? I have a little bottle of it saved for heavy duty messes, but I haven’t bought a new supply in months! And I can use the magic rag over and over because I can throw it in the washer.

Anyway, what you do is wet the magic rag down and wring it out to almost dry and it will even clean glass. I have a glass topped dining table and it’s perfect for that too.   No streaking if the cloth is wrung out enough.

I call this little fabric thing my Magic Rag.   Once it was a secret to me but now I think it is a secret worth sharing.






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3 Responses to From Rags to Riches

  1. dorannrule says:

    I keep at least 6 of these rags handy for every kind of job imaginable. There is always one in the washer, one in use, and more waiting just in case.


  2. I use mine to polish the granite. It’s the only cloth I’ve found that doesn’t streak.


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