Gift Ideas for the Happy Graduate – 2014

The VIRGINIA SHOPPER is back on the prowl again for the perfect graduation gift.  This is not an easy task as you may already know.

Like with any other of life’s puzzles, there are preconceived ideas of what a graduation gift should accomplish:

 It should be of superb quality and beauty.

It should be able to stand the test of time (in other words, it should last forever)

It should have special meaning to the graduate.

And it should instill pride of ownership (the graduate should be able to brag about it).

And it should not be boring!

With these rules in mind, The SHOPPER found some truly beautiful, high quality, last-forever, deeply meaningful, prideful, and exciting gifts for your consideration.

The Horse Head Bookend or Doorstop


The SHOPPER is immensely impressed with this absolutely gorgeous glowing work of art.  Heavily cast in solid brass, it is designed to be both decorative and functional (either as a bookend or a doorstop) and surely destined to become an heirloom.  And since it is lacquered it will never need polishing! A truly superior gift, this gallant horse will guard your graduate’s books (or door or mantle) through time.  The SHOPPER marked this extra special beauty as a “favorite” top-of-the-list gift selection.

But if you’re still looking, take a look at…….

The Virginia Pewter Cup


Using the very finest pewter, and made in the distinctive Virginia tradition, the Virginia Cup was inspired by beakers once owned by George Washington.  These softly glowing metal cups are made by expert pewtersmiths in Richmond, Virginia and are elegant enough for entertaining and sturdy enough for everyday use. Better yet you can have your graduate’s cup(s) engraved with an elegant Monogram!  The Virginia Pewter Cup has The SHOPPER’S thumbs up!

Here’s another idea…..

Strands of Silver Cuff Bracelet


A stunning creation in the Strands of Silver Greg Sandage collection, this cuff bracelet gives the illusion of several smaller bracelets worn and woven together in beautiful shining sterling silver.   This is one stand-out stunning piece of jewelry and is the perfect gift of adornment and the perfect graduation gift.  One size fits most.

And for a truly special gift that will never be forgotten…..

The Landscape Panorama


Peaks of Otter Virginia

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Virginia Military Institute Campus

Virginia Military Institute Campus

Lexington, Virginia photographer James O. Phelps has perfected the art of the panoramic photograph.  These striking show stoppers are wall-art at its best!  Each presentation is an archival 360 degree panorama rendered in elegant sepia tone, matted and framed in a beautiful brushed bronze finish.  And each print is signed and numbered by the artist.  This is the perfect gift to accompany your graduate on the road to success, an elegant addition to any home or office.  Note:  The Virginia Born and Bred website features many more options for James O. Phelps panoramas. 

Graduation is one of those special days that prompt tears of joy and great dreams for the future.  The folks at Virginia Born and Bred are continually searching for upscale gifts and top-of-the-line handmade items to enchant and cherish, and these are just a few.

Be sure to visit Virginia Born and Bred online or off to find the best of the best and the perfect gifts you have been searching for.




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