The Gift of Time

Oh my!  The VIRGINIA SHOPPER has found another treasure-of-a-gift!  And this time it’s TIME.  I mean to say, “If you are looking for something truly unique, the gift of time presented in an unusual way is priceless.”

Uh Oh, I don’t think I am making myself  perfectly clear and as you know, The SHOPPER is never at a loss for words.

To clarify, I mean:

I have found a clock that makes a statement.


When Pigs Fly

Actually, I found two clocks that make statements.  Both are at Virginia Born and Bred.

What I really mean is, “Please look at these two delightful clocks that make different statements.”


Is there a graduate in your near future?  A birthday?  Mother’s Day?

Or do you give gifts “just for love” like I do?

Sometimes I give gifts to myself “just for love” too.  Hmmmmmm!

These ADORABLE, fun, funny clocks are NOT yet available in the Virginia Born and Bred catalog, but you can call in your order at 540 463-1832 or stop by the store to get one.  But, if you’re looking for other unique gifts to give, do check out their jam-packed catalog too!


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