Good News for Snackers

I know.  You know me as The VIRGINIA SHOPPER, but I am temporarily changing my name to:


“Why?” you ask.  Well, it is because I have found the most scrumptious snack EVER!  I mean it.  It’s like a major discovery!



Now, I am not a big granola fan.  In fact, I can’t even tell you the last time I  purchased granola for any purpose, and of course, forget making it myself.    Maybe a hundred years ago, when I was dragged into a camping trip with the family, I might have given it some thought, but only briefly.

The other day I was roaming around Virginia Born and Bred in Lexington, Virginia.  It’s a little store that’s mighty big on wonderful gifts like pottery, jewelry, garden and home decor, and by the way –  gourmet foods.

A Taste Sensation

And since I sort of know the owner, she gave me a taste of something new in the shop!   “This is handcrafted granola,” she said, “full of healthy things and no preservatives! Just wait until you try this!”   And the first taste was of the Maple, Pecans and Coconut combo.  The second taste was of Cashews and Coconut!    I bought them both on the spot and began munching in the car on the way home.  Unbelievable.  Absolutely scrumptious!

 This stuff is so irresistible that I now wake up thinking about it!  Each morning I prepare a bowl to keep by my side as I work at the computer or watch t.v., and I leave a bowl sitting on the kitchen counter for when there are mysterious hunger pangs.  I may even put a bowl next to the treadmill!

I already gave one bag away to a friend.  Her reaction?  “OMG, where did you get this?  This is delicious!”  What a great gift!

Keeping a Secret or Not

I am thinking, “Maybe I shouldn’t release this blog post.  There could be a run on the stuff and when I need want more they will be sold out!  Should I release this information?  Should I not?”  My reputation is at stake here (to say nothing of a guilty conscience) and never let it be said that The VIRGINIA SHOPPER keeps secrets about wonderful products.

O.k. – so here it is.

Please note this wonderful granola is not yet available in the Virginia Born and Bred online catalog. There are plans though.  In the meantime, you can only get it if you visit the store in person or if you call to place your order.  The telephone number is 540 463-1832. 

There are lots of other fabulous finds in the catalog though so if you want to look around, just click here for Virginia Born and Bred.


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2 Responses to Good News for Snackers

  1. I am thrilled that you like the granola! Thanks so much for the kind words!


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