The Virginia Shopper’s “After” Sale

iStock_Shopping BagsEverybody loves a sale!

And of course, The VIRGINIA SHOPPER is no exception.  O.K. – it was fun shopping for the holidays (depending on your version of “fun”), but the real fun is always AFTER.

AFTER all the gifts are given.

AFTER all the wrapping has been discarded or rerouted.

AFTER all the returns are returned.

AFTER all the prices on the best things are reduced to ROCK BOTTOM PRICES!!

Yep – The VIRGINIA SHOPPER is an AFTER-SHOPPER-HOLIC!  And no wonder – just look what’s available for a short time at Virginia Born and Bred and I’m stocking up for 2013! What about you?


Great Guest Towels$13.48 - Reg. $26.95

Great Guest Towels
$13.48 – Reg. $26.95


Goodness Gracie’s
Heavenly Toffee Cookies
$16.46 – Reg. $21.95!
Boston Fern Print$32.21 - Reg. $42.95!

Boston Fern Print
$32.21 – Reg. $42.95!

The Parade Christmas Ornament$14.98 -Reg. $29.95

The Parade
Christmas Ornament
$14.98 -Reg. $29.95


Beeswax CandlesSet of 3$11.98 - Reg. $23.95

Beeswax Candles
Set of 3
$11.98 – Reg. $23.95


Heavenly Peace Framed Print
$70.00 – Reg. $100!

Tartan Plaid Placemats$13.48 - Reg. $26.95!

Tartan Plaid Placemats
$13.48 – Reg. $26.95!

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One Response to The Virginia Shopper’s “After” Sale

  1. I love this post…brings back so many memories of growing up in the 80s and 90s!!!


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