Virginia Born & Bred carries many of these Gifts that Give and Go products – the best peanuts in the world, gourmet food baskets, home decor items, soaps and creams. Thanks to Virginia Views for this blog re “consumables.”

Virginia Views

My friends dreamed up a wonderful idea for gift giving:

A special gift for a special day

Here for now and gone away.

What?  Don’t worry.

It’s  a magic act I hear.

 Now you see it,

Now see it disappear.

What is this gift so removable?

Why, it’s simply this – a gift Consumable.


Actually this little mystery rhyme was the lead-in to a true story.  After years of agonizing over what gifts to select for the special people in our lives, some of my special friends came to a consensus.  We made a pact to only give consumable gifts – meaning things that will get used up.  I can’t tell you what a relief that is and how much more fun I have shopping.

We just remember this:  “If it will soon disappear it’s a gift worth giving,” and here are some examples:

  • Chocolates (Yeah! Yeah! Chocolates!)

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