Bluebird of Happiness Flies Home

My Aunt Martha is a bird lover.  Well, who isn’t?  But who takes the time she does to feed and water, entice and protect all the little birds of the world?  Some folks are just into suet and seed, and have the knack or the urge to bring all the little beauties to their back yards.  The VIRGINIA SHOPPER, on the other hand, prefers care-free bird watching, much like watching them on the National Geographic channel but somehow outside, in the real world.  Bluebirds are known as the harbingers of joy and they are abundantly found in most parts of the United States.  They are care-free delights because all they need to proliferate and to keep on spreading charm and creating smiles , is a good home.

Attracting Joy

Bluebirds are easy to attract (who knew?) and we humans can actually help increase their rates of survival by placing the right nest boxes in the right places.  The SHOPPER made ready to attract these fly-by entertainers  by choosing a box that has no perch, and has an approximately 1 ½ inch diameter hole (like the one at Virginia Born and Bred of course!).  I placed it in an open, mowed area at least 100 feet from our woods – in this case at the edge of a field.  But a large lawn, farmland, or pastureland would do fine too.  I mounted the nest box about 4 to 5 feet high on a metal pole.  They say it doesn’t matter which direction it faces.  Listen, if I did it, how hard can that be?

Now The SHOPPER can just sit back and enjoy.  Or if I choose to do anything more, the box can be checked about once a week during spring and early summer.  It’s like stopping by to just look in on good friends and opening it will not hurt the birds.  Bluebirds have 4 to 6 blue eggs (rarely white) and after the babies have fledged and left the box, if I remove the old nest, the bluebirds may return and re-nest up to three times in a season!

Talk About E-Z Care!

No feeding necessary since they make their meals of insects and we certainly have a few of those.

An Attractive Attraction

Best of all, the Bluebird House looks beautiful in the garden!  It is a wonderful outdoor living accent that is not “just for the birds,” but to soothe the human eye and to add interest to the garden décor.  And it makes a fantastic gift too!  The box from Virginia Born and Bred is made of a PVC material that will not rot, split or crack and can be considered an avian hotel built to last and last.  It’s designed to replicate intricate gazebos and available with either a shiny copper or patina copper roof that’s lacquered for protection.

Well, Easter’s coming and  I think I’ll  buy a bluebird house for Aunt Martha to bring her some care-free joy.


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