A Mascot for “The Little Store that Could!”


If you’re a friend, follower, or frequent buyer, you know the story of Virginia Born and Bred and how it rose from the ashes of a little store in a little town and grew to grand proportions.  The little store is still little, but thousands of people have found it now.  Visitors come from far and wide and stop in to find unusual gifts, gourmet foods, gorgeous items of home décor, and artist’s works from local artisans – while other visitors check into their online catalog for other fabulous finds.

There is a great big, life sized bear out in front of the store, to guide people in that direction since the shop is on an off-street in the historic town of Lexington, Virginia.  They named the bear Sam.  Sam-the-Bear is dressed for whatever the season or occasion happens to be and some have called him the store’s mascot.


Teddy (as in Teddy Bear) just became part of the VB&Bred team!  He’s a wriggly, fuzzy, cute-as-can-be PUPPY!  Sam the Bear is the Outside Mascot, guiding people the right way.  And Teddy is the Inside Mascot, adding life and laughter to the joy of shopping! Teddy is an irresistible, cuddly, bundle of pure joy and all he wants is love.  He’s the ultimate “shop dog” and the only problem is, once The VIRGINIA SHOPPER met him, there was no leaving.  I’ll dog-sit.  I’ll shop-sit.  I’ll come in and stay!

If you are also lucky enough to be roaming around in downtown Lexington, Virginia, be sure and stop by Virginia Born and Bred to meet the new Inside Mascot.  Guaranteed, you will leave the store smiling!  These pictures do not even do him justice!

The VIRGINIA SHOPPER calls it “puppy love.”

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2 Responses to A Mascot for “The Little Store that Could!”

  1. Lucia says:

    Adorable! Welcome to the neighborhood Teddy!


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