30th Anniversary Edition - A Book of Recipes from 200 Years of Gracious Entertaining

The VIRGINIA SHOPPER knows that when it comes to cooking, Virginia rocks!  From the finest in haute cuisine down to the most savory roasted home grown peanuts, the recipes of Old and New Virginia are incomparably delicious!   Some of these recipe delicacies have been handed down through the generations and The SHOPPER is convinced they have improved with time.   Sultry southern cooking whets the imagination as well as the appetite.

Virginia Born and Bred is the place to find a magnificent array of Virginia’s southern cooking recipe books.  All Things Virginia is their obsession and their specialty.

Here are a few Virginia cookbooks definitely worth adding to your collection.  Visit Virginia Born and Bred, “The Little Shop that Could,”  in Lexington, Virginia or Call to Order at 540 463-1832.

The Complete Venison Cookbook

Celebrate Virginia Cookbook - Available Online

Best of the Best Virginia Cookbook I - Available Online

Best of the Best II - Culinary Delights from Virginia Cooks - Available Online

The Monticello Cookbook - Available Online at Virginia Born & Bred

Toast to Tidewater

Virginia Fare - A Culinary View of the Commonwealth

Virginia Bed & Breakfast Cookbook

Very Virginia - Culinary Tradtions with a Twist

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