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The VIRGINIA SHOPPER really wants to meet Mary Ann Vessey.  An artist who can lift a person’s spirits with the flow of a paintbrush has to be an amazing person “in person”.   She is a self-taught acclaimed Virginia artist known for magnificent paintings which she renders in such exquisite detail that the viewer feels transported and happily absorbed.


Precious Cargo Limited Edition Print by Mary Ann Vessey

Virginia Born and Bred carries signed and  numbered prints by this artist.  The SHOPPER  has taken a liking to  her rendition of Noah’s Ark, called Precious Cargo. It makes the perfect gift for those who love Noah and all his creatures great and small.  The limited edition is unmatched for clarity, sophistication, and color and shows a concentrated eye for the smallest detail.

 Mary Ann is from a small town in central Georgia.  She was greatly influenced by the beauty of the land where she stayed at her grandfather’s farm.  Those images became the mainstay of her paintings.  Her subject matter draws heavily from the sweeping grandeur of the land, which she treats with a mixture of awe and familiarity.  Her broad vistas are personalized  and come alive with ordinary people and ordinary animals doing typical chores.  And her often whimsical ideas are  drawn directly from childhood and  family life.  The broad vistas and concentrations of familiar activity are the elements that make her paintings so distinctive.


Christmas 2011 has come and gone, but this Vessey rendition of an early Christmas morning is a limited edition framed print The SHOPPER simply has to have now.  The artist has literally created a snow covered fantasy world of dreams with all the wonders of a Country Christmas.  I plan to give Dash Away All to my son and his young family to add to the excitement about Santa’s impending arrival in 2012!  I know the date is far away, but this is art worth buying early.  It is to be treasured and handed down through the generations.

Dash Away All Limited Edition Print by Mary Ann Vessey

Mary Ann Vessey is one of the most popular and acclaimed artists in Virginia and beyond.  How proud we are to call her our own.

Check out the Virginia Born and Bred website to see some of Vessey’s other work, call to order at 540 463-1832, or stop by the shop in Lexington, Virginia.


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