The Beauty of Handcrafted Wood Furniture

Our Guest Blogger Guru, Christyl Lee, has uncovered:


Most of us are enjoying the warmth and comfort of our homes this time of year. The cold temperatures and threats of bad weather are keeping us inside as much as possible. It is often during this time of year that we start to pay closer attention to the subtleties of our decor. Maybe we notice that we could use a nice accent table to display our family photos. Perhaps an elegant document box would help alleviate some of the “clutter” on our desks. Who would not have use for a sturdy, handmade step stool? Virginia Born and Bred proudly carries some beautiful examples of American craftsmanship that will only enhance the existing charm and beauty of your home.

Tiger Maple Document Box


Handcrafted wood furniture is timeless and classic. Each piece brings a unique and sophisticated charm to any room, and with simplistic designs they can easily transition in function to meet changing needs. Families in particular can appreciate the durable nature of solid wood, which is often more forgiving of occasional scratches and knocks than some other less expensive materials. What draws most people to handcrafted wood furniture, however, is the pleasing aesthetic of the wood grain. Natural wood grain compliments any decor, and each distinctive marking and characteristic nurtures a fond memory of each individual piece over the years.


Visit Virginia Born and Bred in-store or online today and explore all of the wonderful furniture pieces that we have available. They have just what you need to enhance your existing decor or to meet that functional need that you have discovered while enjoying the warmth of your home this winter. Each piece is unique and artfully crafted here in the United States.

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