Irrelevant Shopping – Thinking Ahead Holiday Planning for NEXT Year!

The VIRGINIA SHOPPERcalls it “Irrelevant Shopping” because it boils down to shopping when I don’t have to and usually don’t want to.  I am trying a new idea though, – Advance shopping for high value gifts and quality stuff!  Waaaayyy Advance Shopping! Shopping Now for Next Year!


My plan is to create a storehouse of possibilities for a whole year.  So, this shopping sleuth is at it again and actually trying the formula right NOW.  I expect this exciting journey to take me straight into summer and beyond – maybe way beyond.


First I need to Update My  List.  This list is good providing I don’t lose it.  I find lists in odd places – like the grocery list in my underwear drawer or the Xmas gift list in among all the birthday wrapping paper.  I’m fond of quoting Mark Twain, “Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.”  This newly important list though, is on my computer under “IRRELEVANT SHOPPING”, and printed out to carry with me.

–          I charted all the people I have to buy for over the coming year.

–          There are 20 women and 12 men.

–          There are 10 female birthdays and 7 male birthdays.

–          Are these statistics irrelevant yet?

–          There are 20 female and 12 male Xmas gifts to get.

–          There are 3 anticipated graduations.

–         Ooops!   I  shouldn’t forget Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.

–          No idea what else I’m forgetting.

–          Forget the list.


Since this is all about irrelevant shopping, it doesn’t matter about the above irrelevant list.   The point is, I need to buy A LOT OF GIFTS over the next year and the best way to do it is to just start.  But,  WHERE?  I love my favorite discount shops but so does the rest of the world and mega department stores are too mega.    

Rockefeller Center Xmas Ball

Visiting specialty shops like Virginia Born and Bred (of course!) is the answer, both online and off!  I have already  found truly unique, high value, upscale stuff there, at great prices.  And oh joy – sometime after the first of the year local vendors  rejoice in record profits, rejuvenate inventory and bring in the latest in fashion trends for home décor, new jewelry, gourmet foods, and specialty gifts.  And there are always the sales – ah yes!   The Sales!


This might sound too early to start checking off the chart, but just look at what I’ve already found for next year:

-ORNAMENTS in beautiful velvet boxes.  a New York Parade, The Xmas Tree at Rockefeller Center, and Williamsburg Illumination!  Fantastic buys!

Dashaway All Framed Print

– A Fabulous Framed Print by acclaimed Virginia Artist, Mary Ann Vessey – Dashaway All will make a Stunning Gift!

–          4 sets of Beautiful Pearl Earrings.

–          4 Dew Drop Hummingbird Feeders that are Just Gorgeous! I may keep one for myself!

Hummingbird Feeder

Cardinal Sweatshirt

–          5  Cardinal Sweatshirts -beautiful quality and unisexless, in varying sizes, mostly XL

Ceramic Apple Bakers

–          And 5 sets of Ceramic Apple Bakers (Sets of 2) – Great gifts for Granny, Aunt Minnie, and all those others in my life who are lovers of home and hearth.  Now, when they know I’m coming they will turn up the oven and make sure I get the scent of cinnamon and apples upon arrival.

–          My search continues but I’m running out of time!  It’s almost December again.

The VIRGINIA SHOPPER CONCLUSION:  Irrelevant shopping has its merits.  Well, one merit.  I got a lot done and it’s a grand head-start.  I didn’t really need all that list making and planning because all I needed to do was SHOP! So now I have a strange collection of magical things, ready and waiting to wrap and give.   They are wonderful gifts  and the whole experiment was worth the effort.

After all, I can always use the apple bakers can’t I?

The VIRGINIA SHOPPER RECOMMENDATION:  Try it.  You Might Like It – Irrelevant Shopping that is.

‘Til We Meet Again….  The VIRGINIA SHOPPER

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