Customized Gifts – The Personal Upgrade

Cherished Gifts are Purely Personal!

Woven Photo Throw -Add Your Own Photo

 Oh Good Grief – It’s that time again.  The holidays are upon us and The VIRGINIA SHOPPER was already in the throes of an early panic! What to give? Where to go?  What’s new under the sun anyway?  When all of a sudden a forgotten truth emerged!  The unbidden words kept creeping in, “Don’t forget Personalized Gifts!  Don’t forget Personalized Gifts!”   AHA!!!  AHA!!!

The Virginia Pewter Cup Engraving Available

Why is receiving an engraved gift so very thrilling?  Or how can a monogram make something as ordinary as a bar of soap stand out as an EXtraordinary gift?  A picture embedded in a Woven Throw can make it feel even cozier.  And a name or initials in an Engraved Pewter Cup or a piece of jewelry will become a family heirloom.  Most of all, customized gifts are always cherished!

Engraved Flower of the Month Bracelet - December

When I was barely 6 years old, my Aunt gave me a little gold ring engraved with my initials.  I was soooooo excited and could hardly wait to wear it.  Many many years later it is still hidden away in a keepsake box.  The ring is strangely bent and will never fit again, but still glowing and the initials are strong with delightful memories.

Designer Soaps 3-Bar Gift Box Monogramming Available

YES, THE SHOPPER IS GETTING ALL NOSTALGIC, but it’s true – a gift can be special to begin with, but becomes EXquisitely Special with the addition of a name, a sentiment, a monogram, engraved initials or even a transferred photograph.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT…Virginia Born and Bred offers a full range of engraving services for specific jewelry and pewter items, as well as monogrammed soaps, and more.  Order online or off and if you’re in Lexington, Virginia, be sure to stop at the “shop” on Washington Street.  Sam-the-Bear stands out front to lead the way.

‘Til We Meet Again… The VIRGINIA SHOPPER!

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