Solve This Puzzle – The Secret’s in the Middle!

Mysteries of Interlocking Stand-Alone Puzzles

Puzzles fascinate kids and adults, and always have.  Even as a dubious grownup, The VIRGINIA SHOPPER loves the challenge of solving a good jigsaw puzzle.   When my Aunt Ro visits, we spend hours (especially on a cold winter’s eve) in intense concentration to finish just one, and then we’re ready to begin anew.  What better Holiday Gift for her than a great puzzle?  But then again, I wonder if there are other options.  Is there an alternative to the ho-hum, flat-on-a-board jigsaw puzzle?  The SHOPPER is on the prowl  – again!

Three-Dimensional Interlocking Puzzle Animals Handmade by Peter Chapman!

Peter Chapman is an award winning Blue Ridge Mountain artist who has me ooohing and ahhhing over his handcarved, wooden,  3-dimensional, interlocking puzzle animals!

Desktop Decor

Chapman creations are absolutely stunning puzzles that are already solved.  So what’s the challenge?  The secret surprise is in the middle!  In the meantime, before you begin to take a critter apart and put it together again, stand back and just look. The little gem stands alone as a truly elegant work of art!  I LOVE the Stock Market Bull!  I got it for my favorite investor for his birthday and he keeps it on his desk to wow his clients.   When he takes  it apart there’s a little bear inside! The bull is carved out of Paduak, a bright uniform orange-red wood with dark red streaks.

Aunt Ro loves dogs and guess what?  There is a Labrador Retreiver (Walnut) hiding a duck inside and a Golden Retriever (Cherry) with a Frisbee.  There’s a whole delightful selection of other hold-in-your-hand animals too, like a Turtle made of Bacote (an exotic hardwood), a Fish, and a beautiful Brawny Bear!  Don’t give away the surprises in their middles!  Is there a puzzle lover in your family or circle of friends, or a lover of finely crafted artwork?  These beautiful, made-with-love pieces are absolutely charming gifts for both adults and children!  And of course, you can find them at Virginia Born and Bred!

‘Til We Meet Again…  The VIRGINIA SHOPPER

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