Ten Nifty Gift Ideas for the Weary Shopper

 The VIRGINIA SHOPPER went on the prowl again for the perfect gift, and kept winding up in the same place – Gourmet Gift Baskets!  My test was tough but the baskets passed with an A+ rating!

Easy to order; Versatile; No foot-weary shopping; No back-breaking wrapping; No trips to the post office; Longer lived than flowers; and ultimately – Baskets make people happy!  

Besides all that, they have unique personalities depending on what they are filled with. Beautifully decorated, and bursting with exotic cheeses, honey, nuts, candies, and unusual delicacies, the goodies can be enjoyed all at once (MY way!) or saved for later.  And when the food is gone, there’s a beautiful basket with a thousand uses.   How do I love Gourmet Gift Baskets?  Let me count the ways….

The VIRGINIA SHOPPER’S Ten Nifty Gifts and Gift Basket Ideas

1)      The Get Well Basket can be shared with visiting family and friends.

2)      Thank You Baskets speak for themselves in eloquent ways.

3)      The Housewarming Basket will surprise new home owners with a delicious energy booster for unpacking.  

4)      The Wine Gift Basket is always welcome!  Add food and you have a winner!

5)      The Corporation Basket is an extremely popular public relations tool.

6)      The Wedding Basket is a perfect luxury for newlyweds.

7)      The Holiday Basket brings joy and sharing to festivities.

8)      The Snack Basket will say “just thinking of you” and make a great birthday gift too.

9)      The Sympathy Basket brings thoughts of love and caring to the bereaved. .

10)   Specialty Baskets feature foods from local areas, made by local suppliers, and are unique and wonderful presentations.  For instance, there are Virginia Gift Baskets featuring food items like Virginia ham, Virginia peanuts, locally made sweets cakes, sausage, and homemade jams. They are available at Virginia Born and Bred, including a wide selection of Breakfast Baskets.

Of course, Gift Baskets designed for any occasion are available at Virginia Born & Bred.  Are you surprised?

Recommendation:  No matter where you find it, there is really only one great reason to give a Gourmet Gift Basket – It makes people happy!


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