Off-Season Gift Ideas


Fall and winter are definitely on the way.  But, no matter what time of year, our family and friends’ personalities don’t change.  The VIRGINIA SHOPPER’S formula for successful gift giving is first to determine the personality and then to match the gift.  Start with a treasure trove of awesome products to suit just about any quirky person.  Where, you ask?  At Virginia Born and Bred of course, where you can shop online or off!



–          The Ham Rolls Gift Box – Ham rolls (or ham biscuits) are the ultimate he-man, sports snack, in addition to being an all-time Southern favorite.

–          The Tiger Maple Documents Box – In recognition of man’s need to store things in elegant, finely crafted, manly containers.

–          The Civil War Experience – A multi-media set that’s beyond a book and truly an experience for the Civil War buff. (On sale too!)


–          The Secret Garden Fern Print – When the weather outside is frightful, this airy elegant greenery is reminiscent of lusher times in the garden glen.

–          The Dew Drop Hummingbird Feeder – A fantastic gift even when the hummers have departed for winter homes in warmer climes.

–          The Friendship-is-a-Garden Philosopot – These adorable pots with their quirky sayings make perfect gifts for avid indoor or patio gardeners.


–          The Sandage ZigZag Bracelet – Modern sterling silver glamour for the wrist.

–          The Heart Pendant on a Silver Chain – Like a great big hug all day long.

–          The Coin Pearl Necklace – High quality, best of the best beauty that steps out in style.


–          The Taste of Virginia (Delicacy Box) – A little bit of everything from VA.

–          The Rowena’s Almond Round Pound Cake – A superb taste sensation that’s beyond delicious.

–          The Virginia by the Bay ( gift box) – Seafood lovers will drool over these Chesapeake Bay gourmet faves.

Let’s face it shoppers, gift giving is actually a psychological study of people.  The path winds sometimes, but always returns to the center – the core of the individual – the one thing that touches the heart.  And Voila!  You have found the perfect gift for the perfect personality.

‘Til We Meet Again…. The VIRGINIA SHOPPER

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  1. cindy knoke says:

    How on earth do you maintain two blogs???? This is a rhetorical question. You don’t have to answer. I couldn’t do it. Its hard enough for me to come up with posts on one…….your just a smarty pants. Admit it!


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