Shopping in the Calm After the Storm

O.K.– The VIRGINIA SHOPPER knows there has been some weirdly strange weather in Virginia lately with earthquakes, hurricanes, torrential rains, wind and flooding.  PHEW!  . About the time I was asking myself if I should move to California, the sun came out, the air cleared and now we are back to the beautiful Virginia I know and love.  It’s kind of like having a baby – I am forgetting the pain!  But it’s true – very little “prowling” went on to search for the best of the best in gifts, accessories, or home décor across Virginia

So, The VIRGINIA SHOPPER is back to shopping, but staying near to home for awhile.   Hopefully, everyone in our state and beyond are recuperating from nature’s capricious tricks and back to shopping, either “downtown” or online.  The idea is to cover what we  missed.  Did we miss any great sales?   Take a look at what The SHOPPER found marked waaaay down that can be ordered online or purchased in-store:

Stunning round Scalloped Edged, Quilted Placemats showcase “the flower of the south” and are rich in color and design. Set of 4 decorator-style beauties and they’re even reversible! Now $24.02 Reg $36.95

The Civil War Experience – An awesome find for Civil War buffs, this is not just a book, but an experience!  Includes newspaper accounts, telegraphs, and other memorabilia, and audio CD  readings of letters and diaries.  Truly a multimedia history brought alive!  Now $25 Reg. $50

The Elegant Silk Purse – A handmade delightful accessory with a soft warm glow of silk to show off exquisite pineapples embroidered on both sides. This is a real gem – the perfect gift! Now $21 Reg. $42

The Exquisite Largest Virginia Hunt Scene Tapestry Tote Bag – Features textured graphic patterns in soft, muted tones of nature. This beautiful yet sturdy bag features leather trim and leather handles. I’m getting one for myself – a great knitting bag! Now $66 Reg. Price $110

The Maiden Hair Fern Print -Striking in its weathered, crackled gold finish frame this is a frothy fern that emulates nature and will surely add a fabulously light airy touch to any of my friends’ homes.  It will go literally anywhere!  Now $21.48 Reg. $42.95

Well, I’m definitely in the mood again for finding perfect gifts for perfect people and getting a head-start on the holidays.  How about you?


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