The Great Imposter

Would you believe that everyone thinks The VIRGINIA SHOPPER is the greatest gourmet cook in the world?  They are all wrong! The truth is I HATE cooking.  And following recipes?  Forget it!  How I envy you who enjoy watching cooking shows and puttering around in kitchens, following detailed recipes, using exotic spices and presenting intricate, delicious meals.  I actually feel sick trying to follow a lengthy recipe and I tend to leave out crucial ingredients (due to nerves).

So, when I serve something incredibly simple that everyone loves, I consider the hoax to be successful.  And it feels almost as good as sneaking chocolate when I’m dieting.  My secret is I have a few 2-4-ingredient recipes that wow ‘em every time – no thinking necessary – and usually no real preparation involved.  I will share two of my crock-pot favorites here in the hopes you will send me your own foolproof, easy-does-it recipes so I can expand my reputation as the greatest gourmet cook in the world.


Chicken ala Salsa (not sure where I got this one)

Put as many chicken pieces as you need (any variety) in a crock pot.  Pour a jar of salsa over the top (any variety – hot or mild, 16 oz. or larger size),  If you like it hot, try the Hot Salsa Collection – new taste sensations.  Pour in a can of black beans “as is” right from the can (13-16 oz.)  No stirring necessary and no spices – not even salt & pepper needed.  Just dump the stuff on top.  Cook on Low in crock pot 6 to 10 hours.  Serve over noodles, rice, or whatever.  Get rave reviews.

Barbecued Sliceable Beef (my own invention)

Put a 3 to 5 lb. cheap cut of beef roast in the crock pot (larger for a big pot and a big family).  Pour on a whole bottle of prepared barbecue sauce or if you want to get people begging for more, try the best of the best Virginia Gentleman Bourbon Sauce.  Cook on Low for 6 to 10 hours.  Again – no stirring and no added other spices.  This beef is not so cooked that it will shred, but can be sliced and is tender and delicious.  Serve with whatever.  Get more compliments to leave you smugly glowing.

Please share your own easy-does-it recipes.  They don’t have to be quite this simple, but bear in mind that The VIRGINIA SHOPPER really does hate to cook.  I will be happy to publish your offerings in another blog.  Here’s hoping my family and friends miss this “confession” or my reputation will definitely be ruined.


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