The Virginia Shopper Struck by Pineapple Power

 Lately there have been big ole storms in our area and The VIRGINIA SHOPPER could not prowl but had plenty of time to daydream.  Gazing at the beautifully shaped pineapple on the kitchen counter not only made the time go by between thunder bolts, but generated a whole new mindset about a taken-for-granted fruit.  

Lest you think your devoted SHOPPER got addled from a lightning strike, hang on.   I discovered the thorny pineapple has more than 9 lives and all of them can add immeasurably to a positive shopping experience.  Day dreaming sometimes leads to positive action, and the pineapple that got me through a lightning storm inspired me to prowl around again with images of pineapples dancing in my head.

Pineapple Power – The One and Only Food Symbol of Hospitality

The pineapple is the ONLY food today that has the honor, as it did in colonial times, of being a symbol of gracious sharing.  Who knew?  And how did it happen anyway?  Well, the story goes like this.   In colonial times, a sea captain discovered the fruit on his exotic travels and brought it home as a delicacy to be shared with true friends.  Sometimes he even attached one to his front gatepost to let folks know they were welcome.  The copycats came next and other sea captains marked their homes with pineapples.  Odd, but true.   And that, dear fellow shoppers, is a tradition continuing to this day.  Well, we don’t impale pineapples on our gateposts anymore, but we display them in many other ways.

After daydreaming during an electrical storm, The VIRGINIA SHOPPER finally did prowl around.  Some terrific items for home décor emerged, and lots of unusual gift ideas – all carrying the same message of warmth and hospitality using the same beautiful image of – you guessed it – the pineapple!

Pineapple Decorator Magic and Unusual Gifts of Love

  • Jewelry
  • Pineapple Welcome Doormat (with a pineapple medallion in the center)
  • Welcome Plaque
  • Pineapple Trivet
  • Williamsburg Hooked Rug
  • Table Top Pineapple Votive
  • Majestic Pineapple Place mats

The very shape of the pineapple is instantly recognized because it looks just like a giant pine cone.  That is exactly how it got its name!  And there’s no doubt about it – it’s a multi-tasker,  a delicious power food, an image of style, elegance and glamor, and a centuries old symbol of friendship and hospitality.  That’s a lot to say about a thorny, scaly, supermarket purchase, but it’s true.  The pineapple is a real hero or heroine, whether it’s on a gatepost or not!

Final Words of Wisdom:  “If you consider the pineapple during a lightning storm, you might get struck by the idea that it will make the perfect gift!”

‘Til We Meet Again, The VIRGINIA SHOPPER

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