How to Find the Best Baby Gift


The VIRGINIA SHOPPER recently went on the prowl again to find the perfect baby gift – not just any old ordinary thing either!  Is there anything really memorable under the sun for births, Christenings or first birthdays?  The SHOPPER met other shopping gurus who recognized the symptoms of painful indecision and provided gentle guidance.  Here’s what they said about coming up with the best baby gift:

Buy for the Parents!!!  The Parents???

It sounds odd to have Mom and Pop in mind when shopping for an infant, but it’s a formula that works.  A good example is an engraved pewter baby rattle or pewter baby cup that not only delights the kiddie, but looks great on the dresser too.  When either item is outgrown, it will be stored, but not forgotten, and resurrected later.  This is what they call an “heirloom” gift. Think 20 years ahead and visualize the grown up baby rummaging through an old trunk.  Voila!  She discovers the engraved gift (saved from birth).   This is, as they say, “as good as it gets” because it is a classic gift to treasure for a lifetime.

Delft Does it Right!

Williamsburg Delft birth tiles, made in Holland, were inspired by a centuries-old tradition. A gorgeous blue and white Delft tile is designed to be customized with the child’s name, birth date and time of birth. It is a lifetime, keepsake produced by a beloved company in business since 1610!  Delft also has a handmade, hand painted, two-handled baby cup.   One side shows the well known crib and stork with baby and the other side allows for hand painting of the name and birth date.  How special is that?  Note:  Delft baby products are now on sale at Virginia Born and Bred.

Collections –Time and Again  

A grand starter gift is baby’s first Christmas ornament to begin a collection to be increased each year.  Choose a theme and it’s even better – like this Angel With Trumpet.  This is a fabulous idea since an ornament collection for later tree-decorating will always be a reminder of who cared from the very beginning. Sterling silver charms also fall into the same category and can be started with a basic bracelet, one charm, and then added to for memories that mount up from year to year.


The SHOPPER is definitely all thumbs, but even I can create a one-of-a-kind memory book of photographs, notes, and news articles about the baby’s year of birth. And I’m already thinking of additional items like receipts for food and gasoline, magazine pictures of stylish clothing, samples of  the latest in home décor, hairstyles, hemlines, cars, and issues of the day.  What fun!   The book is destined to transport a grownup child back in time to the way we were when he/she came into the world.

Personalize it.  Personalize it.  Personalize it.

If you can engrave or personalize a gift with special information it is pretty much guaranteed to please.  And, because this type of gift is bound to be uniquely special, it will be proudly displayed in baby’s room until the infant is no longer an infant.   Anything engraved will not only stand out from the crowd of other gifts but is destined to be saved for years to come.  Did you know that Virginia Born and Bred offers engraving services?

Which gift would YOU choose?  Do you have some other great ideas?  Let The VIRGINIA SHOPPER know by your comments on this blog.  I will publish the results.

RECOMMENDATION:   Is there anything new under the sun?  Yes – the baby!  And a gift thoughtfully chosen has only one major objective – to celebrate new life.


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