Decorating Garden Rooms

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”  ~ Abraham Lincoln

I know – I’m supposed to love Mother Earth and welcome the arrival of spring and summer.  Time to get outside and GARDEN!  Fresh air – sunshine –  growing things! But, I confess, I LOVE my air conditioned indoor comfort.  Why wear a wide brimmed hat, gloves, long sleeves, rubber boots and bug spray to stave off bees, fleas and other biting critters, avoid poison ivy, and cope with mud, muck and other miseries in the exterior world?  Whatever possesses avid gardeners anyway?  The Virginia Shopper went on the prowl again to discover if there is something else; some mysterious something that makes gardening gurus so happy to work in the dirt.

The Magical Garden Room

My research shows that successful gardeners do not rely on weeding alone to achieve greatest satisfaction.  Yes, blooms are their ultimate goal, but part of the fun is to add accessories and create themed “garden rooms”.  Garden Rooms????  I have enough trouble decorating inside rooms!  Did you know there are sun gardens and herb gardens, shade and butterfly gardens, secret gardens, white gardens, rose gardens, blue, pink, and even “textured” gardens?  And of course, to accomplish any of this, you would not only need to plant and nurture, but to accessorize!

Add a Touch of Whimsy or a Touch of Class

The personal touch of a dedicated gardener is what gives each outdoor room its personality and flavor.  There are as many ways to add elegance or frivolity as there are options for interior decorating.  I fell in love with famed sculptor, George Caruth’s enchantingly happy figures like the tipsy Pickled Asparagus Trio or Vidalia-Sasoon’s Wink & a Grin, a Peapod ready to burst with a crowd of smiling faces, and the Razz-Berry Trio. Talk about adding whimsy!  Look closely and you’re bound to laugh out loud.

A more distinctive accessory in the Colonial Williamsburg, VA tradition is a magical lantern that adds old world class to any garden décor’.  Accessories like these are meant to encourage happy strolling.  For leisurely sitting around (my cuppa tea!) benches are the thing.  This extremely popular lattice-back Hennell Bench was inspired by early American colonists in 1767.  Who knows why, but American settlers also followed their compulsive urges to create garden rooms.  I must admit this bench is stunning though,  and certainly worth leaving the couch for, even if it is outside!

For the Birds

Bird songsters and twitterers are part of the charm of outdoor living and sometimes their vivid colors are even brighter than the flowers that surround us.  Besides all that charm, they actually do help to control insects.  Can’t beat that for an investment in a whimsical avian house  or feeder– and don’t forget bird baths are private spas for drinking and preening that give us an up-front view of bathing in the wild.  Maybe I could create an Avian Spa – a garden room that’s for the birds.

Who’s Who in Garden Room Décor?

Outside the front or back doors of the homes we admire, and scattered here and there among the daisies, are sculptured “finds” from long ago vacations, and beautiful pots, flags, trellises, stone animals, and Greek goddesses.  There are things that move, shine, add color, reflect, and attract critters.  You name it and you will undoubtedly find it in the latest garden room!  There is no right or wrong in gardening.  What is that mysterious something that drives people to dig and decorate outdoors?  The need to connect with nature!  And thank goodness for those who prefer  real blooms and warm breezes to air-conditioned comfort.

CONCLUSION:   Knowing full well that we don’t deserve it, those of us who whine about digging in the great outdoors still hope that our faithful gardener friends will invite us over for an afternoon enjoying the results of their love for Mother Earth.

RECOMMENDATION:  Gardening’s not for everyone but for anyone who loves it, there is more than one way to create a garden room!


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One Response to Decorating Garden Rooms

  1. Dorann says:

    My first “garden room” was a shade garden where all the blooms are white and all the greens are different textures. It is beautiful! Thanks for all the other ideas too – very inspirational.


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