A Jewel in the Middle of the Chesapeake Bay

America is beautiful – from “Sea to Shining Sea” but THE VIRGINIA SHOPPER wonders if folks even think of Virginia when they seek out sun and surf.  From Chincoteague on the Eastern Shore of Virginia to the Tidewater areas of Norfolk, Williamsburg and Newport News, the state offers fabulous places to visit, not only for fishing, swimming and beachcombing, but for capturing the spirit of the first settlers in America.  And some of Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay regions are other worlds just waiting to be explored.

Your SHOPPER SLEUTH’S wanderings led to the discovery of an island smack in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay that is now on my list of truly unusual places to visit.  Gifts from the sea always begin with shell searching but can end in unbelievable treasures. Tangier Island, Virginia is one such other worldly treasure where the Chesapeake Blue Crab reins supreme!

  • Is it a big island?   Well, can you call a spit of land about a mile wide and 3 miles long big?
  • Is it remote?  Yep.  It’s only accessible by ferry or chartered boats.
  • Are there any cars on the island?  A few.  But mostly people get around by bikes or golf carts (you can rent either).  Gas prices are certainly no problem on Tangier.
  • Hungry?   This Chesapeake Trio is a take-home favorite no matter where you find it.  And here are great snack items like the Blue Crab Bay Co. Skipjacks . Traditional, mouthwatering meals of crab cakes, clam fritters, Virginia ham, hot corn pudding, and crab bisque are just a few of the featured menu items at several Tangier Island restaurants.
  • How many people live there?  About 700.  Most of them make their living crabbing in the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.

Life on the Chesapeake Bay according to a Tangier Island waterman:  “It is not an easy way of life.  In fact, it is a true labor of love.  Commercial fishing and crabbing for the Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab is physical and demanding, but it is the love for the Chesapeake Bay, its wildlife and its beauty that makes it worth all the aches and pains we live with each day.”

What is there to do?   Enjoy a water tour or a crab shanty tour; or go kayaking, fishing, and bird watching.  And rambling walks through the streets of town with a stop for ice cream or a homemade dessert will transport you back in time to a simpler era and a quieter way of life.  Looking for a perfect Chesapeake Bay style gift?   These Dovis Chowder Bowls aren’t just good for chowder!  And for memories of total relaxation on Tangier, take a look at this Blue Crab Pillow.

CONCLUSION:  If you want to settle down for a spell in utter peace and quiet in a village reminiscent of yesteryear, with  friendly people and at a vacation place that’s “one for the books”, try Tangier Island, Virginia – a jewel in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay.


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