Why Snacking is Good for You

Feeling guilty about all those mid-morning, mid-day, midnight snacks?  Me too! The VIRGINIA SHOPPER is haunted by the monsters GUILT and SHAME in a losing battle with myself to resist the urge to indulge.  But they say there are always two sides to every story, and this dedicated shopper went looking for the other side – some really good reasons (excuses?) and healthful, delicious foods to encourage me to KEEP ON SNACKIN’!


GUILT and SHAME begone!  Going to a party is one of the best reasons I could find to hang out around the goodies table. There’s everything from elaborately prepared hors’doeuvres to simple chips and dips with salsa.  I guess I’m not alone when I get an irresistible yen for munchies like cheese straws, Ovations Walnut Toffee Cookies and Virginia peanuts.  After all, a social gathering without snacks makes for stiff conversation.   But, gathering around the goodies will bring on smiles, easy interaction, and maybe even new best friends.


I discovered I don’t have to go to the Great Southwest or take a cruise to experience exotic tastes like nachos and cheese or dipping salsas like Chesapeake Bay Crab (with the yummy taste of crab in every bite.  And Lime-Mango, Black and White Bean Spicy Chipotle Pepper, and Smoked Corn.  The VIRGINIA SHOPPER found a great little store in Lexington, VA that carries it all!   And there are scrumptious ham rolls (or ham biscuits as they say in VA).  And, from the Chesapeake Bay area of Virginia there’s Sea Salt Nuts, Barnacles (bay seasoned snacks), and Skipjacks (peanuts with a combination of honey and over 10 spices for extra zip).

No doubt snacking can introduce us to exotic cultures, but why leave Virginia?  I get seasick on cruises anyway, and I don’t like to fly either.


Surprise!  The primary reason for snacking is to appease hunger. That sinking feeling (and embarrassing growl) of desperation I get in the gut is my body’s call for help.  So, by giving in to the urge to eat a cookie (or maybe something healthier?) at 3PM, I should feel satisfied enough to wait until the real meal later. So say the experts.  Ha!  The expert who said that doesn’t know my unlimited limits.  But o.k., a good reason to keep on snacking is to banish the hungries. Who knew?


My doctor recommended eating 5 or 6 small meals a day instead of 2 or 3 big ones.  He said “Grazing” (or snacking) is the way to go to keep my metabolism revved.  Besides that – the theory is, I will be so full, I will eat less at each of the 6 mealtimes (would 12 work too?) – Ha again!  This theory could work for some people though.  It could work for people who make healthier choices than I do. Maybe it could work for you!


They tell me when my energy sags and I can’t think straight or function upright about mid-day I should SNACK!  It’s my body’s way of telling me it craves fuel.  The problem is, my body doesn’t seem to care what kind of fuel.  Chocolate, cookies, pizza or chips – ANYTHING will do!  Slightly more intelligent snacking may be the answer.  Do you think?  It could even increase productivity levels in the workplace, or the home place, or any place for that matter.

CONCLUSION:  Snacking – good or bad – is not going out of style any time soon.  Snacking is eternally “in” and socially correct.

VIRGINIA SHOPPER’S RECOMMENDATION:  “Keep on Snacking. It’s good for you!”


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