Sterling Silver Jewelry – What’s in Style?


Have you ever considered wearing lots of silver rings on the fingers of one hand?  Or how about toe rings – very popular with the young at heart?  No?  How about a handmade sterling silver slide worn on a silver collar, chain or rope?   Are there really style trends in silver jewelry?  You bet!

The VIRGINIA SHOPPER went on the prowl again since there are so many holidays and special events coming up over the spring and summer season – graduations, weddings, babies being born – you name it, I need a gift for it!  Besides that, I like jewelry for ME – and I call those purchases my “just for love” gifts.

It didn’t take long to see that trends in sterling silver jewelry morph almost by the season into different “looks” just like fads in clothing or shoes.  But, there’s a real difference because no matter what the style of the day is, sterling silver jewelry has eternal value.  In fact, because it can keep its warm glow forever,  the trendy pieces of today are antiques of tomorrow and retain their value over time.

Besides that if you’re old enough for character lines –“Jewelry takes peoples’ minds off your wrinkles.”   ~ Sonia Henie

Why Silver and Not Gold? –  Gifts of sterling silver jewelry are not only considered  stars of the design world, they remain reasonably priced, are worn in more casual settings, and are actually  preferred by the younger set and the young-at-heart as being more contemporary than gold, and just plain fun to wear.

The Perfect Gift – The Right Choice  – Every time I think the perfect gift doesn’t exist, I find it in silver!   Why?  Because there are unlimited choices now, with designs in pendants, bracelets, pins, rings, charms, earrings, necklaces, cuff links, key chains, and more!

Jewelry styles are born again and again and are always evolving.

Tradition, Tradition – As for time tested beloved gifts, silver is unbeatable, always popular, and appropriate for any age group or for any occasion.  Even if I’m on a search for something elegantly different like a wonderful set of handmade silver earrings, I know they are out there ready to become heirlooms of the future.  

And just the act of engraving any silver piece can make the gift so special it will become a keepsake.  I gave a sterling silver charm bracelet to my newborn niece and now it’s guaranteed to become a cherished memento.  The whole family can add silver charms to that bracelet and our choices will create lasting memories for the baby right through to adulthood.

Keeping the Glow-On – Of course, sterling tarnishes over time depending upon humidity and other factors, but no problem – it can easily be cleaned to restore its natural glow.  To prevent tarnishing – after polishing with a treated cloth (found in any jewelry store), it is recommended to store your jewelry in a plastic bag with all the air squeezed out.

The VIRGINIA SHOPPER’S Conclusions:   Sterling silver jewelry remains in the realm of special treasures designed to match a mood, suit a personality and please anyone who craves superior quality.  It is also reasonably priced, versatile, flexible, stylish, elegant and always fun – and is worn with love and pride throughout the world.

RECOMMENDATION:  If you are searching for a perfect gift for a perfect person, sterling silver jewelry is the perfect choice.

‘Til We Meet Again….   The VIRGINIA SHOPPER

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