Red Lipstick andHigh Heels for Girls Who Love Shopping

The VIRGINIA SHOPPER’S Breaking News – –

Red Lipstick and High Heels

Tuesday, June 7,  2011

An Uptown Girl event in Downtown Lexington

The VIRGINIA SHOPPER is at it again – on the prowl for fun ways to rekindle a love affair with shopping.  Being fickle, love will bloom again as soon as I find something wonderful – like the real deals my friend, Suzie, always comes up with.  I love Suzie, but I know she is beginning to notice how green with jealousy I look as she finds the perfect fit, the perfect gift, and the perfect places to shop! She’s a Size 4 magnet to begin with and looks great in everything!  Being slightly (or maybe overwhelmingly) larger than a Size 4, I try not to shop for clothing with little people.  Shoes are o.k., or gifts or accessories.  But Suzie and I love to shop and who cares about sizes when you’re having fun?

Who Doesn’t Love Shopping?

Speaking of FUN, that’s why I’m writing about re-discovering my love for shopping.  My friend and I are definitely going to have fun at Red Lipstick and High Heels!  What makes this event different?  Well – lol –  Lots o’ Laughs and a fantastic opportunity to prowl the stores after hours.  Ever hear of a “trunk show”?  Well there will be trunk shows too.  That’s where some of our local stores will temporarily overstock, and will burst at the seams with new options for clothing, shoes, etc.   Why this buffet of choices?  Because store owners want to know what their customers really want (in order to plan future inventory).   Add a carriage ride between stores if my feet hurt, and snacks en route, and I’m in shopper’s heaven.   I don’t know who dreamed up this fabulous idea, but it couldn’t be a man, or could it?

RED LIPSTICK & HIGH HEELS is an uptown girl event in downtown Lexington.  It’s a chance to rediscover the heart of Lexington with a night of enjoying sophisticated shopping, special event pricing, trunk shows, hors d’oeuvres, and carriage rides.  You, me and all the girls are invited to enjoy shopping fun on a warm summer’s evening. Stores will stay open until 9pm and restaurants will offer a special libation, appetizer or entrée.     



TUESDAY, JUNE 7,  2011


‘Til we meet again.   The VIRGINIA SHOPPER

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