Solving Mother’s Day Dilemmas – Gift Ideas for Modern Moms

It’s that time again!  Time to think about the Moms, Grandmas, Mothers-in-Law, Sisters, Sisters-in-Law, daughters, nieces, friends, teachers, neighbors, and all the rest of the girls in our lives who are mothers or might be someday.  We haven’t succumbed yet to sending Mother’s Day gifts to babies, but the point is, Mother’s Day reminds us to let all those special ladies know we care.

THE VIRGINIA SHOPPER has been on the prowl again to find unique MOTHER’S DAY GIFTS.  When I was a kid I gave my Mom an I.O.U. saying, “Good for one week for any help you need around the house”.    I.O.U.’s may not be such a bad idea in this day and age of pinching pennies.

But, heed the sage words of THE VIRGINIA SHOPPER – “Don’t let Mother’s Day gift giving overwhelm you”.   After investigating all the different kinds of gifts available nowadays, I discovered I can give my Mom, sister, niece, cousin, friend, something based on each individual personality!  A-HA!

The Mom in the kitchen (queen of domestication) is still around.  How we love her for her fab’ chocolate chip cookies!  But maybe she and the rest of the girls who might be Moms someday have some other stand-out personality traits.  If I recognize the clues, maybe they will help me decide what gifts will work.  That means I have to investigate what my favorite ladies love to do when they’re not thinking of others.

The Wishful Gardener Gifts

Everybody needs a good laugh now and again – and mothers are no exception.  This year I’m giving my Grammy (Yep – still using baby-talk for Grandma) a Philosopot because she’s really what I call a wishful gardener.  That means my Grandma dreams of actually digging in Mother Earth, but it’s easier to plant a pot, followed by a long nap indoors.  Philosopots are wonderful, brightly painted flower pots featuring the most endearing sentiments, and each pot is graced by a little raised garden critter like a bee or a lady bug. Perfect!

  Gifts for On-the-Ground, In-the-Mud Gardeners

Some ladies actually love to play in the mud!  Imagine? They are the real and prideful gardeners who carry around hoes and weeding tools.  They can tell you all about the genus (or is it genius?) of that flower that looks like a Chrysanthemum and is really a Geranium.  One of the nicest gifts I found is an All-in-One Gardening Bench.   It’s a wonderful thing for my Mom because it has everything at hand and allows her to sit while she sifts the soil.  The one I like is made of sturdy polyester and is a folding bench with a steel frame.  A detachable storage bag holds the tools she uses most – like a trowel, spade, weeding tool, rake and garden fork.  Best of all, it folds into an easy-to-carry tote bag she can lug from muddy place to muddy place.

My Mom Loves Cooking?

I’m sure my Mom actually loves to spend her time sweating over a hot stove (sad to say, I did not inherit this talent).  But just in case she doesn’t (and to keep her smiling), I’m giving her a set of whimsical George Carruth Figures to hang on her kitchen wall or wherever. These are the most adorable wall art sculptures of things like the tipsy Pickled Asparagus Trio, Vidalia-Sassoon’s Wink and a Grin, and a Move-Over Peapod that’s ready to burst with a crowd of smiling pea faces. Hopefully, they will remind her of the joy of cooking even though she’s been doing it for umpteen million years.

 The-Scents-of-Nature Mom

My sister-in-law is a Mom who is not just sweet, she smells wonderful too, and she adores all the floral aromas of nature in lovely scented soaps and creams.  I know – she’s not really my actual Mom.  She’s the girl who married my brother and is Mom to my nieces and nephews, so, what the heck, I want to honor her for Mother’s Day. She’s actually at the top of my list (after Mum and Grammy) of all the many Moms I need to shop for.   To bring her wafts of nature, I found the most deliciously scented soaps and they even feature her initials in lovely script, etched right into the bars.

 Moms Who Dress Up or Down

When I was a kid and played dress up, I always wondered what the “up” meant.  Nowadays Moms are always dressed up, even when they are at their worst and kinda dress down for at home leisure.  At least the Moms I know tend to wear jewelry even when they’re playing tennis!

So, if I were giving advice to anyone looking for a guaranteed hit gift for Mother’s Day – I would say it’s jewelry to dress up or down – like the wonderful zigzag silver bracelet I found. Well designed silver is not only elegant, but combined with more sterling in layers, makes for the highest fashion statement and can still be worn with jeans by the down and dirty gardener.

Who is she Really?

Wherever I shop, online or off, I find it’s a good idea to think about personality and not just any old Mom.  I want my Mom to know how special she is, and how much I want to thank her for all she does and has done.  Finding special gifts for all the different Moms in my life got really easy when I thought about personalities like this.   But, if she’s the Mom I adore, or the in-law, or the sister or daughter, friend, etc. etc. etc., if I send a thoughtful, caring I.O.U. – well, that’s a winner too!

‘Til we meet again The VIRGINIA SHOPPER

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