Creative Wedding and Personalized Baby Gifts – The Virginia Shopper’s Eye View

Creative Wedding and Personalized Baby Gifts – The Virginia Shopper’s Eye View

Think weddings, baby gifts, and other special occasions.  It’s the time of year for gift-giving dilemmas.  The Virginia Shopper has been hard at it lately, interviewing avid collectors, beginning users and gift givers who are calling pewter today’s miracle metal!  I must admit I have joined the ranks of pewter lovers simply because it is beautiful.   But, there is a lot more to it than that.


–          It’s the fourth most precious metal in the world – followed only by gold, silver and platinum.

–          It’s one of the world’s first metals too.  Who knew?  Pewter was used for object d’ art by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Chinese as early as the 2nd Century A.D.

–          So, it goes without saying that fine pewter can last a heck of a long time.  Why?  Because it will not rust or deteriorate, won’t tarnish like silver, and doesn’t even need a lot of polishing.

–          It gets even better with regular use (ages gracefully to a soft patina), and makes a fantastic wedding gift (especially if you have it engraved).  And a personalized baby cup is also destined to become a family heirloom.

–          You can almost bet a pewter gift will be handed down through the generations.


Did you know that pewter glass bottom tankards were invented by the English so soldiers could see enemies coming as they slugged down their favorite brews?  Wonder why they don’t make them today!  I could use a pewter spy-mug.

Yes, THE Virginia Shopper has been on the prowl to learn about why pewter objects are so popular nowadays.  Well, it’s easy to store, never wears out, makes a grand display, and can be personalized too.  And let’s face it, engraved cups, personalized baby gifts, and pewter charms make impressive gifts.  In my list of pros and cons for gift giving, pewter pros take the cake.


 Even though I love the stuff, I still worry about care.  How much does it take anyway?  Polishing metal is not my idea of a fun afternoon.

Cleaning turns out to be a cinch too.  Just wash in warm water and mild soap, then hand dry with a soft cloth.  If you have “bright” pewter pieces, clean the same way, but you can use a non-abrasive silver polish to catch odd spots and rub them out.  Don’t use the dishwasher though – too hot.

Heat can make pewter discolor, so now I know not to put it in my oven (ooops – did that once!).  No microwaving either or stove top cooking for heaven’s sake, and don’t put it on your barbecue!

All in all, pewter is definitely my choice for today’s winner.  Spring gift giving ideas?  Problem solved!

‘Til we meet again – The Virginia Shopper

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