We call it “The Little Store That Could” – because in its first life (from 1986 to 1993) Virginia Born and Bred was a languishing Lexington, Virginia enterprise that wasn’t going anywhere fast.  When good friends, Julie Lindsey and Peggy Maas, saw the place, they had the same vision.  They bought it together in 1993, rented the space, and immediately began to offer unusual gift options for the local populace as well as for college alumni, students, and the increasing numbers of visitors to this small community in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

In the fall of 1995 the originating partners created their first store catalog (without the aid of a computer!) and in the summer of 1997 they bought the building and added much needed extra space.  “The Little Store That Could” was catching on fast and earning repeat customers and many friends.  Then tragedy came to set things back with the death of beloved partner, Peggy Maas, in 2001.

In memory of Peggy, and not to be undone, Julie kept going, took on new partners, sold stock in 2004, engaged more help, and continued the long-time efforts of the store to offer highly personalized services and to feature the most alluring, useful, and decorative gifts available.  The catalog business really began to succeed and the Virginia Born and Bred team celebrated growing success.  Making friends of satisfied customers was always the store motto and remains its mission to this day.

So, “The Little Store That Could” stayed true to the dreams of its original partners which always included a desire to go green, and a goal to expand its internet options.  On the verge of reaching these goals, the store began to experience the effects of radical changes in the economy.  The price of mailing out its catalogs became prohibitive and the time seemed right in 2009 to move “the little store” in another direction – into the modern age of web sales.  The team is once again celebrating a promising future, working hard to send the message out to all its customers and friends – old and new.

Virginia Born and Bred is truly “The Little Store That Could” and continues to adapt to the times.  It’s still a smallish store nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in a wonderful small community called Lexington, Virginia.  It has not “languished” since 1993, but remains an active, healthy resource in the community and now establishing a growing internet presence as well.

Julie and the team love to welcome visitors and friends in person – and on-line – and you can always count on one thing.  If you visit Virginia Born and Bred – on-line or off – you are destined to become a friend for life of “The Little Store That Could.”

Come Back and See Us!

The Virginia Shopper

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  1. Hi Julie!
    Love your blog….great to see we are both on the same page! As your Santa partner maybe both of us entering the social networking world will help both of our loves…our businesses! Check out our blog at
    Lynn McPherson


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